Mariners All-Access from ROOT SPORTS

This week on Mariners All-Access from ROOT SPORTS:

Mike Leake 1-on-1 — Brad Adam sits down with one of the newest additions to the Mariners rotation to talk baseball, and of course, hair.

OPS+ — Go beyond the box score with an explanation of what OPS+ measures and why it’s important.

Pitching Mechanics — With the return of Felix Hernandez, we take a look at his changeup, which happens to be one of the nastiest around the game.

Zunino on Felix and Paxton — The return of Felix and James Paxton bolstered the Mariners rotation, but it also added a degree of difficult to Mike Zunino’s job as he explains.

Zunino framing pitches — Which brings us to Angie Mentink going inside the game with Mike Zunino to see how he goes about framing pitches in a way that puts everyone on the mound in a position to succeed.

Baseball vs. Football — We’ll never see another two-sport athlete like Bo Jackson, but there was a time when Jarrod Dyson and Mitch Haniger played on Friday nights. Hear why baseball won out over football.

Who could play football — Local comedian an Seattle sports fan Craig Gass gives his take on the current Mariner most likely to succeed in the NFL.

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