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Pitchers & Catchers Report

…which means it must be physicals day.

Saturday in Peoria was report day for the 35 pitchers and 7 catchers on the spring training camp roster.

Reporting to Arizona is the easy part…not quite as easy is the 11-stage physical every pitcher, player, coach, manager Eric Wedge and staff member must undergo.

The Seattle medical staff (including Dr. Ed Khalfayan and Dr. Mitch Storey), joined by several specialists, the Mariners athletic training staff and extra health care providers, run everyone through a comprehensive physical exam.

The exam includes everything from “vital” basics (height, weight, blood pressure and a check that everyone is up-to-date on their inoculations) to dental, vision, a full orthopedic exam and a body-fat measurement.

One of the least favorite stations is the stress test.

With teammates and staff surrounding them, each person has to climb on a treadmill, be hooked up to a series of electrodes that monitor the heart function under stress, then begin running. Every 30 seconds the treadmill incline increases, making the running more difficult. Players stay on as long as they can, but rarely does a player make it to 10 minutes.

Players and coaches wait their turn on the treadmill for the stress test.

No player (or coach or staff person) is allowed onto the field until they have passed the physical exam. Today’s schedule includes 75 players, coaches and staff members. The medical team hopes to be done with the exams (which started at 11 am) by 7 pm.