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“Moose” Clausen Retiring After 30 Years with the Mariners

Al “Moose” Clausen is retiring from the Mariners after 30 years.

He is a native of Ballard.  He was the second baseman for the 1955-1956 Ballard Beavers baseball teams, who played for the City High School Championships at Sicks Stadium, including games against Franklin High led by Hall of Famer Ron Santo.  He was a graduate of Central Washington University, and has resided in Edmonds, WA, with his wife Dorothy since 1964.

Alan “Moose” Clausen announced earlier this year that he would retire on December 31, after 30 years with the Seattle Mariners.  And last week, nearly 500 friends, family members and co-workers gathered on the infield at Safeco Field to celebrate the career of a very special man.

Among those 500 attendees were former players Ken Griffey Jr., Dan Wilson, Edgar Martinez, Dave Valle, Dave Henderson, Bill Krueger, Julio Cruz, Dave Heaverlo, Omar Vizquel and John Olerud.

His job titles have ranged over the years from Director of Sales to Senior Account Manager of Premium Sales (suites, Diamond Club, All-Star Club), but his real-world title is “Ambassador of Mariners Baseball” in the Pacific Northwest.

Moose may have more friends than anyone I’ve ever known.  Wherever I have traveled throughout the region, if it comes up that I work for the Seattle Mariners, the first question I am inevitably asked is, “Do you know Moose Clausen?”

Mariners President Chuck Armstrong said, “Yes, Moose Clausen worked for the Seattle Mariners.  But looking back on his 30 years here, I can honestly say that he really worked for the fans.  Everyone he met became his friend instantly, and by association, a friend of the Mariners.  It is often said that everyone can be replaced.  But I’m not sure we can replace Moose.”

Congratulations to Moose Clausen.  Thank you for giving your heart and soul to Mariners Baseball.  Enjoy your new lifestyle, which I know will include plenty of games at Safeco Field.

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