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Long Haul Bombers Are Coming To Safeco Field


The Long Haul Bombers are bringing their freakishly large forearms and their home run derby exhibition to Safeco Field on Friday before the Mariners take on the Minnesota Twins.

Team Easton, Team Miken and Team DeMarini will square off in the latest leg of the Stadium Power Tour. Each of the eight contestants will get 15 swings. Each home run is worth one point. The last pitch is the “money ball,” and it’s worth two points.

Two team members are from the Northwest: Chris Larsen and Dale “Bubba” Brungardt. Both live in the Portland area.

Other participants include Brett Helmer, Brian Wegman and Scott Kirby of Team Easton, and Denny Crine, Kevin Filby and Ed Vega of Team Miken.

The Long Haul Bombers have been known to slug a softball 500 feet or more, so it’s always a fun event.