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Mariners Players Help Kids Achieve Their Dreams with 19th Annual Visit to Seattle Area Schools


The Seattle Mariners got schooled on Tuesday. The entire team, including manager Scott Servais, visited four greater Seattle area elementary schools to ask the kids to join the Mariner Moose DREAM Team.

DREAM Team is a fun program that outlines the Moose’s keys to success in life: stay Drug-free, Respect for yourself and other, get a good Education, maintain a positive Attitude and stay Motivated to achieve your goals.

At Van Asselt Elementary School on South Beacon Hill, broadcaster Dave Sims led Norichika Aoki, Hisashi Iwakuma, Wade Miley, Taijuan Walker, Seth Smith, Chris Iannetta and manager Scott Servais through the program.

Van Asselt Kuma Aoki

Speaking with the aid of interpreter Antony Suzuki, Aoki told the kids that doing drugs is bad. He told them that it makes it hard for them to learn in school, and it “makes people around you sad.”

Scott Servais, who must have been a teacher in a previous life, commanded the respect of the 500-plus students as he talked about how important it is for the kids to respect their classmates, teachers and especially their parents.


Chris Iannetta explained how the lessons he learned in school have helped him be a better baseball player. Plus, he says a career in baseball is no sure thing and his education is something no one can take away.

Seth Smith told students that of all the things in life they can’t control such as when they’re told to do their homework or eat their vegetables, there is one thing they can always control – their attitude. He said that if they always approach everything with a good attitude, life will be much better.

Hisashi Iwakuma took the letter M, for motivation. He said that it is the last letter, and it is the most important because you have to stay motivated to succeed. He urged the students to set a goal for every day and to work hard to achieve it. If they do that, Iwakuma said their dreams can come true.

Then pitchers Taijuan Walker and Wade Miley issued a challenge to the students to read two books over the summer to make sure they stay sharp for the next school year.


Other schools visited were Concord International School and Roxhill Elementary in the Seattle School District and Challenger Elementary in Issaquah. Students at each school received a piece of school letterhead with autographs from all the players who visited their school, a bookmark, Mariner Moose DREAM Team card and a Junior Mariners Wiffle® Ball.

Mariners Education Day

The entire Seattle Mariners team went to school on Thursday to help students achieve their dreams.

Groups of players visited four Seattle area elementary schools and presented the Mariners Moose D.R.E.A.M. Team assemblies.

Students at Thorndyke Elementary in Tukwila may have set a record for loudest cheers when Felix Hernandez, Nelson Cruz, J.A. Happ, Logan Morrison, Mark Lowe and Austin Jackson walked in.

The program started with pitcher Mark Lowe talking about how important it is to stay drug-free. Lowe told the kids that he had to stop being friends with some people because they got involved with drugs. “I had a dream to play baseball, and I would not be here today if I had gotten involved with drugs,” Lowe said.

J.A Happ advised the students to respect their teachers, coaches, friends and families, and most of all, themselves by exercising, eating nutritious foods and being the best that they can be.

Of all the letters of the word D.R.E.A.M., Outfielder/DH Nelson Cruz told the kids that of the most important one may be “E” for education. He urged kids to stay in school, listen to their teachers and do their homework because a good education would help them to become the person they want to be.

Austin Jackson was up next with the letter “A”, for attitude. Jackson told the kids that there are a lot of things in life they cannot control, but one thing they can control is their own attitude. When you have a positive attitude, he said, it makes everything you do better.

Logan Morrison rounded out the program with the letter “M” for motivation. He told them that motivation is the way for them to meet the goals they set for themselves. And if the goal seems too hard to reach, Morrison gave the kids some advice about breaking a long-term goal into attainable short-term goals. For example, Morrison said his long-term goal is to hit .300, so he has broken it down into short-term goals. Right now, he’s batting .245, next he wants to hit .250, then .255, until he gets to his goal of .300.

Felix Hernandez then issued a challenge to all the students to read two books every week during the summer. He then gave the school library two copies of the book “The Rise of King Felix,” an illustrated book about Felix’s journey from his childhood in Venezuela to become one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball.

Mariners Education Day

Bloomquist and Jones

Willie Bloomquist and James Jones watch a highlight video with students from South Shore School as part of the 17th annual Mariners Education Day.

Several thousand students in elementary schools in the greater Seattle area got a break from reading and math on Tuesday so they could get some life lessons from Seattle Mariners players.

It was the 17th Annual Mariners Education Day where the entire team and broadcasters split up into five groups and fan out to area schools to urge the kids to become members of the Mariner Moose D.R.E.A.M. Team.

D.R.E.A.M. Team stresses the importance of the D.R.E.A.M. principles: Drug-free, Respect, Education, Attitude and Motivation.

At each school, the players talked about how they worked hard and were able to achieve their dreams of becoming Major League ballplayers. But they also urged the kids to aim for their own goals of becoming teachers, doctors, engineers or anything they want to be.

The students were also urged to keep learning even during the summer. At Burien’s Hilltop Elementary School, star pitcher Felix Hernandez challenged students to read at least two books each week.

The schools visited for this year’s Education Day assemblies were South Shore PK-8 in South Seattle, Hazel Valley Elementary and Hilltop Elementary in Burien, Cascade View in Tukwila and Sunny Hills Elementary in Sammamish.