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Mariners Magazine – August

Starting with tonight’s game against the Blue Jays, Mariners fans will have their first chance to pick up the August issue of Mariners Magazine (Volume 23, Issue 5) featuring left-handed relief pitcher Charlie Furbush on the cover.

Below is the featured article in magazine (Maine Man) on the Mariners left-hander.

You can pick up Mariners Magazine throughout Safeco Field and at any of the five Mariners Team Stores. You can also subscribe to Mariners Magazine and have it delivered to your home.

Mariners All-Access – Tricks of the Trade

The newest episode of Mariners All-Access debuts today on ROOT Sports NW at noon, and re-airs tonight at 6 p.m. following the Mariners-Padres Interleague finale.  If you are not able to watch today, you can catch the show at 6 pm on June 29 or June 30.

This week’s episode is dedicated to the Tricks of the Trade feature.

  • Switch hitters are rare and the Mariners have the rarest… one with power.  Justin Smoak puts on a hitting clinic from both sides of the plate, from the most basic things like stance and swing, to contact points with the ball.
  • Left-handed reliever Charlie Furbush earns a cameo, but his impact is big, just like his slider—he’ll teach you how he throws it. (Great at parties to strike out your friends).
  • Catcher Jesus Montero recently switched things up, not his delivery or swing, but his equipment.  Here is a hint, it is unknown how well Montero would fair out on the ice against Pavel Datsyuk, but he looks the part with his new mask.
  • And finally, if the ball gets by an infielder, the guy is going to be standing on first, if it gets by the outfield chances are someone is touching home—that’s why they say, the infield will hurt you, the outfield will kill you.  Outfielder Michael Saunders makes sure this won’t happen.  He takes us out to the grass for a lesson on catching Major League fly balls.

Michael Saunders will be featured on today’s episode of Mariners All-Access showing the Tricks of the Trade behind catching fly balls. (Getty Images)

Check back to the blog for more previews of Mariners All-Access.

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Mariners Spring Training Update – Day 8

Day 8 / Sunday, February 19, 2012 / 37 Days ‘til Opening Night in Tokyo / 53 Days ‘til Opening Night in Seattle

Weather: It was 52-degrees and windy this morning but the temperatures rose to 64-degrees by the end of the workout. There were plenty of media members who were shaking after forgetting their jackets.

Quote of the Day:  “Where’s your camera?” Felix Hernandez said to ROOT SPORTS Jen Mueller. Mueller jokingly asked why he was doing a KING 5 interview (with Chris Egan) before doing the ROOT interview. After Jen pointed across the parking lot to the auxiliary clubhouse Felix exclaimed “TOO FAR!” as he continued to walk with Egan.

Tweet of the Day:

The Day: Day 8 was the first day of live batting practice. The first group of hitters, including Franklin Gutierrez, Ichiro, Mike Carp and Justin Smoak, had to face the ace of the staff Felix Hernandez.

Franklin Gutierrez

None of the four players made contact against any of Felix’s pitches…which was probably because nobody swung at any of the pitches. While players are not under instructions not to swing (on some fields), most hitters use the first day to track pitches as they are coming in and ease back in to live pitching.

Felix got a bit of a scare earlier in the day during infield drills as Miguel Olivo fired a throw down to second base and while he didn’t see it, the ball was traveling fast enough (and close enough) for him to hear it whiz by.

One player who did swing on the first day of live batting practice was Casper Wells. With Charlie Furbush on the mound, Wells hit a screamer back to the box that went beween Charlie’s legs. While no players were harmed on that line drive, Charlie’s heart most certainly skipped a beat.

Early in the workout over on Field 6, all of the position players worked on baserunning, the infielders took grounders and the outfielders worked on tracking line drives before spreading out to various fields.

Carlos Guillen takes throws at first base

On Field 3, the catchers (and infielders) worked on first-and-third defense before the position players grabbed bats.

On Field 3 (where Felix Hernandez was) and 5, hitters were allowed to swing at the pitches. On Field 4 there was also live batting practice, but the hitters were not allowed to swing because there were also baserunning drills going on. Position players also worked on bunting in the cages and in the bullpen while over on Field 6, the coaches threw BP for the players towards the end of the workout.

The marketing group of Michael Ferguson, Nick Pope and Olav Nossum showed up in the wee hours of the day once again to get green screen footage and through three full days have now completed their work with 29 of the 67 players in camp. Tomorrow, Shawn Kelley, Chone Figgins, Felix Hernandez, Franklin Gutierrez and Mike Carp (among others) are schedule for their close-ups.

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Hot Stove League and Mariners Mondays

Big offense is the theme for this week’s Mariners Mondays (7:30pm on ROOT SPORTS). Each week through March 5, ROOT SPORTS is highlighting big games from the 2011 season, helping to tide baseball fans over until Spring Training gets underway in earnest.

The Hot Stove League show will be hosted by  Shannon Drayer and Matt Pitman. Fans can listen locally in the Puget Sound region on 710 ESPN Seattle and over the Internet on Guests for the show are scheduled to include:

Here is a teaser for the Mariners Mondays games that will be highlighted tonight on ROOT SPORTS:

Tonight, moments of Biblical proportions (as in the old joke “In the Big Inning…”). Let’s go back to June 5, Mariners vs. Tampa Bay Rays. The Mariners have taken two out of three from the Rays, with the final game of the four-game series on tap. The big hit of the game is a tie-breaking three-run homer by Miguel Olivo in the 8th inning. But the game was notable for a couple of two-run triples, one of baseball’s most exciting hits. One by Ichiro in the 3rd inning, and in a bittersweet moment, Greg Halman’s 2011 debut with a triple in the 7th. Halman had three hits in the game.

Miguel Olivo connects on a 3-run home run June 5, 2011 vs. Tampa Bay. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

The next series of highlights are from the August 24 game at Cleveland. Two games were rained out in May, so the Mariners and Indians made up one of the games on the Mariners return trip in August (the second game would be made up in September… see below). The Mariners won the first game of the series 3-2 on March 22, split the doubleheader on March 23 with a 12-7 win in the nightcap, and bashed out another 16 hits on their way to a 9-2 win in game four. The offensive star of the day was rookie Kyle Seager, who was 4-for-4 with three doubles and a single. Seager’s college teammate at the University of North Carolina, Dustin Ackley, also got in on the act going 3-for-5. And Willy Mo Peña had a good game with a two-run home run, a double and a single. Oh, and Felix Hernandez had another good outing striking out 10, the 17th time in his career he reached double digits.

For the third game of the evening, the Mariners 12-6 win over the Indians on Sept. 19 is highlighted. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s raining. (What is it with bad weather for our games in Cleveland?) Starting pitcher Charlie Furbush got plenty of run support in the 12-6 rain-shortened game for his first win in over a month. He had a career-high 8 strikeouts and was buoyed by the Mariners 9-run third inning, including Alex Liddi’s first MLB homer, and a Mike Carp grand slam. By the way, Liddi’s homer was the first by an Italian-born player since Reno Bertoia hit one in 1961.

Mike Carp connects on his first career grand slam Sept. 19, 2011 at Cleveland. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

– RH / JE

Super Bowl Sunday: Wells vs. Furbush

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, and most of you will be watching the New England Patriots take on the New York Giants at 3:30 PT/6:30 ET in Indianapolis.

There is always a lot of friendly debate about who will win the game, who will be the better quarterback (Manning or Brady) and perhaps even what the best commercial was.

For the Mariners edition of a Super Bowl rivalry, we caught up a huge New York Giants fan (Casper Wells) and a diehard New England Patriots fan (Charlie Furbush). This rivalry of football teams goes way behind just the Super Bowl, and Wells and Furbush came up together through the Detroit Tigers organization, and joined the Mariners in a trade on July 30, 2011. The duo even had a joint fantasy football team together in the Mariners Fantasy Football League, although Casper says they were terrible.

We asked each player 12 questions about today’s big game and how much trash they have been talking:

Casper Wells (currently in Scottsdale, Ariz.):

  1. How long have you been a Giants fan?
    I didn’t turn into a huge football fan until my freshman year of college. My roommate was from New Jersey and a huge Giants fan so my passion for the team started to slowly evolve. When I got drafted by the Detroit Tigers out of college in 2005 I could no longer be a Yankees fan thus I became die hard for the GMen.
  2. Who is your favorite football player of all-time?
    I had such a fun off-season in 2007 on the Giants run to becoming Super Bowl champions that I’m going to say Michael Strahan has to be my favorite player. I love his commentary as well on television.
  3. How many games did you go to this year (home or road), or were you a regular watcher on TV?
    I watch the Giants every Sunday. I don’t enjoy watching the games as much if the Giants aren’t playing, and basically because our joint fantasy football squad was terrible. I attended the Giants-Cowboys game at MetLife Stadium on New Year’s day this year and it was the best game I’ve ever been to in my life. And I really dislike the Cowboys.
  4. Growing up in Upstate NY, have the Giants always been your football team?
    Growing up I was always more partial to baseball and in particular the New York Yankees. But since I got involved with football a lot more, mainly through playing Madden, the Giants became my team. My father grew up a Buffalo Bills fan, but never got me to hop on board. He enjoys watching the Giants now because he says every time he turns on the game to watch the Bills, they blow the game. So he stopped watching.
  5. Did you play football at all growing up? If yes, what position?
    I decided I was going to try football after my freshman year of high school. I saw Varsity Blues and decided I wanted to play football. My dad played football at Colgate University and ended up breaking his ribs in his final game of the season, and he was planning on playing professionally in the CFL. So, subsequently, my father didn’t push a sport such as football on me for risk of injury and career. But, when I decided to play he was all for it. I played quarterback and cornerback. I only played JV for a year because I felt I was a little behind in learning the game and wanted to concentrate solely on baseball. I feel I made the right decision.
  6. If you were a football player instead of a baseball player, what position would you play?
    I think safety would be pretty sweet to come up and get some big hits on the defensive end, but I’m definitely a quarterback at heart. I could throw the ball pretty well and I like the responsibility of controlling the offense and having the game in your hands. Similar to how I loved pitching and having those same feelings growing up as a pitcher.
  7. What are your plans for Sunday watching the game?
    I’m heading out to a spot, with NO PATRIOT FANS, and getting a table with my own high def surround sound set up so I can post up and get into the game. Catered with some sushi, of course! I can’t “enjoy” the Super Bowl, and everything surrounding, it because my squad is playing and I wont miss a snap.
  8. Do you have a favorite Super Bowl food?
    I absolutely love me some good wings, and pizza. I mean, you can’t beat that with watching football. Now, will I be eating that come Sunday, definitely not, but still my favorite food for football hands down. You could mix in a couple light beers to complete the overall gameday package.
  9. Do you watch the commercials? Have a favorite Super Bowl commercial that you can remember?
    I loved the Dr. Pepper commercial with Meatloaf singing “I would do anything” and the girlfriend tried taking the guys Dr. Pepper and the next clip is the crescendo of music and the guy running down the street with his Dr. Pepper still intact. Classic!
  10. Your final score prediction?
    I’m going to say 27-20 GMEN. But I have a feeling it will be a higher score.
  11. Who will throw for more yards and TD passes, Eli Manning or Tom Brady?
    Eli – 3 TD 337 YDS    Brady – 2 TD 255 YDS
  12. And finally, have there been any fun text messages back and forth between you and Charlie about the game? Perhaps a friendly wager?
    Charlie and I have been texting back and forth and leaving each other obnoxious Voxer messages via the iPhone in preparation for the game. We have a little dinner bet going. Loser buys the winner dinner at Dominik’s Steak House in Scottsdale. So I basically arranged that bet to get a free meal out of Charlie because the Pats don’t stand a chance.

Mariners outfielder Casper Wells will be rooting for the Giants in today's Super Bowl. (Getty Images)

Charlie Furbush (currently in Portland, Maine):

  1. How long have you been a Patriots fan?
    I have been a fan since as long as I can remember..
  2. Who is your favorite football player of all-time?
    Tom Brady is my favorite player. He is a Champion.
  3. How many games did you go to this year (home or road), or were you a regular watcher on TV?
    I went to one game this season when they beat the Colts 31-24 on Dec. 4.
  4. Growing up in New England (Portland, Maine), have the Patriots always been your football team?
    Patriots for life!
  5. Did you play football at all growing up? If yes, what position?
    I never played football growing up, but always been a fan.
  6. If you were a football player instead of a baseball player, what position would you play?
    I would definitely be the field goal kicker/punter if I didn’t play baseball.
  7. What are your plans for Sunday watching the game?
    I plan on going out with a bunch of friends and watching the game in downtown Portland.
  8. Do you have a favorite Super Bowl food?
    Have to go with 7 Layer Dip.
  9. Do you watch the commercials? Have a favorite Super Bowl commercial that you can remember?
    The commercials are hilarious. I like the Bud Light, E*Trade, and Doritos commercials.
  10. Your final score prediction?
    34-27 Patroits!
  11. Who will throw for more yards and TD passes, Eli Manning or Tom Brady?
    Brady 3 TD’s (2 passing, 1 rushing) & 330 yards.
  12. And finally, have there been any fun text messages back and forth between you and Casper about the game? Perhaps a friendly wager?
    We sure have. We have this app on our phones called Voxer. Its a walkie-talkie for your phone, and we have been talking some trash to each other. It’s been a lot of fun.

Mariners left-handed pitcher Charlie Furbush is a huge New England Patriots fan. (Getty Images)

Thanks to Casper and Charlie for having a little fun on this Super Bowl Sunday. You can follow Casper with some likely in-game commentary via his Twitter site.

And don’t forget, Mariners Pitchers and Catchers report to Peoria, AZ to start spring training next Saturday, and hold the first practice one week from today!

– JE