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Mariners All-Access


This week on Mariners All-Access on ROOT SPORTS, talk of the postseason, bunting, hitting and whether Edgar Martinez belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Here’s a rundown of Jen Mueller’s lineup for the program:

  • September Schedule – It looked a little odd at first, but the upcoming schedule could definitely play to the advantage of the Mariners.
  • Seager/Blowers – We finish the conversation between Kyle Seager and Mike Blowers and learn how Kyle tries to bait hitters into bunting and allowing him to make one of his favorite plays over to first base.
  • Felix Update – We update the numbers for the AL Cy Young front-runner.
  • DH in the Hall of Fame? – With the importance of the DH to offense in general and the Mariners during the playoff push, we wade into the discussion about the merits of inducting a true DH in the Hall of Fame (TRT 4:00)
  • Blowers on DH’s – Mike Blowers makes a case for Designated Hitters in general as a vital part of the game and deserving of the Hall of Fame.
  • Edgar in the HOF – Edgar Martinez produced several clutch hits during the Mariners playoff runs and was considered one of the best right handed hitters of his time. Players past and present give their support of seeing Edgar in the Hall.
  • Blowers on Edgar – It’s no surprise Mike thinks Edgar is deserving of a HOF spot, but hear his reasoning why.
  • Favorite Things Baskets – The annual “Favorite Things” baskets raised money for Mariners Care and is always a highly anticipated event at Safeco Field.
  • Soundtracks – The best highlights and postgame sound from the week.

Mariners All Access airs:

  • Sunday – noon
  • Monday – 6:30am, noon
  • Wednesday – 11:30am, 1am
  • Thursday – 3pm
  • Friday – 6:30am, 4pm
  • Saturday – 4pm

Mariner All Access


This week on Mariners All Access on ROOT SPORTS, Jen Mueller introduces us to the Mariners first draft pick, we hear from Mike Blowers on playing in the Windy City, and spend some time on the golf course for a good cause.

All Access debuts on ROOT SPORTS on Sunday at noon, just prior to the Mariners vs. Cleveland Indians game (pregame starts at 12:30pm, first pitch is at 1:10pm). Here’s the lineup:

  • Alex Jackson – The #6 pick overall signed his contract and became part of the Mariners organization this week. Jackson suited up and took BP at Safeco Field. We’ll hear from Alex and his family.
  • Blowers on Chicago – With the team heading to the Windy City this week, Mike Blowers relives a memorable game in which the wind cost his teammate a no-hitter.
  • United Way All-Star Celebrity Softball Game Recap – The 2nd Annual All-Star Softball Classic raised money for homeless youth in Seattle, but also provided a number of smiles and highlights as Angie Mentink shows us.
  • James Jones Speed – Speed kills. We’ve seen that a number of times with James Jones on the bases. We’ll take a closer look at his swing and why he traded in power for consistency and how he better utilizes his speed on the bases.
  • Jones vs. Altuve – Jones gains an additional advantage being a left handed bat, but if you’ve ever wondered how Houston’s Jose Altuve puts up the numbers he does, you’ll want to see his swing compared to Jones.
  • Mariners Care Cystic Fibrosis Golf Tournament – The Mariners spent the off-day this week on the golf course, all for a good cause.
  • Bark in the Bark – The first ever Bark in the Park is coming up at Safeco Field on July 8. We’ll hear from the players who would love to bring their pooches with them to work.

Mariners All-Access


This week on Mariners All Access on ROOT SPORTS, Robinson Cano, James Jones, and Joe Maddon on Lou Piniella.

All Access debuts on ROOT SPORTS on Sunday at noon, just prior to the Mariners vs. Detroit Tigers game (pregame starts at 12:30pm, first pitch is at 1:10pm). Here’s what’s on tap:

  • Cano Breakdown: Words can’t describe and stats don’t do him justice… Robinson Cano is just that good. We dive into his discipline at the plate and the whip in his wrists. Broadcaster Mike Blowers and Mariners analyst Dave Valle also weigh in.
  • James Jones shout out: James Jones came on like a house afire and hasn’t cooled off since rejoining the Big League team. Hitting coach Howard Johnson talks about what he sees in the rookie with the hot bat and speed on the base paths.
  • Work of Art: Catcher John Buck explains the reason for his unique helmet, the custom artwork and why it won’t be going home with him at the end of the season.
  • United Way All-Star Softball Challenge: Hear from Dan Wilson on why this cause hits close to home, and we put a face on homeless youth in Seattle by meeting Trai, a formerly homeless youth now working to improve the foster care system in King County.
  • Education Day: The Mariners visited five Seattle area elementary schools to challenge kids to join the Mariner Moose D.R.E.A.M. Team. We’ll show you the highlights.
  • Maddon on Lou: With the Mariners heading to Tampa, we check in with Ray’s Manager Joe Maddon to hear why he believes Lou Piniella was the last of the legendary managers.
  • Soundtracks: Between Felix Hernandez, Chris Young, Mike Zunino and Robinson Cano it’s been a big week for the Mariners. See the highlights and hear straight from the players on those key plays.

Mariners All Access debuts Sunday at noon on ROOT SPORTS. It re-airs:

Monday — 6:30am, 3pm
Tuesday — 3pm
Wednesday — 12:30pm, 10:30pm
Thursday — 6:30am
Friday — 3pm

This week on Mariners All-Access


A new edition of Mariners All Access on ROOT SPORTS is coming your way starting on Sunday. Here’s what’s on tap.

Roenis Elias – The left-handed pitcher escaped from Cuba in 2010. Hear his story of crossing the Atlantic Ocean. His wait in Mexico. His admiration for Felix Hernandez and his thankfulness at being in the U.S. and with the Mariners. This story will give tremendous perspective on how he can stay so calm on the mound and why he’s always smiling.

Dominic Leone – The rookie sits down with Angie Mentink and shares his journey to the Big Leagues, the story behind how he learned to throw a cutter from YouTube videos and the inspiration his autistic brother provides.

First Pitch Advice – Guys like Elias and Leone make it look easy, but that’s not the case for amateurs. We’re going to see a lot of celebrities throwing out first pitches at Safeco Field during the next few weeks so the Mariners offer advice to make it easier.

Lou Piniella Memories – We continue to remind fans of the upcoming ceremony for Lou Piniella by talking to players who remember Lou both as a player and manager. This week former Mariner Rickey Henderson shares his thoughts on Sweet Lou as does Chili Davis who watched Lou as a player with the Yankees.

All-Star Softball Classic – We sit down with Mariners Hall of Famer Dan Wilson for a look ahead to the upcoming celebrity softball game that raises money for homeless youth in Seattle. We also meet a formerly homeless youth who is now working to help troubled teens find homes.

This week’s Mariners All Access debuts at noon on Sunday and re-airs on Monday at 6:30am and 6pm, Tuesday at 6pm, Thursday at 6:30am and 6pm and Friday at 3pm.

Mariners All Access – Little League


This week on Mariners All Access on ROOT SPORTS, it’s a Little League-themed show, just in time for Sunday’s Little League Day at Safeco Field.

  • Little League Memories – Mariners players share their earliest Little League memories and the best moments from their blossoming careers.
  • Little League Heroes – Most Little Leaguers dream of being a Big Leaguer and pick their heroes from Major League rosters. It should come as no surprise that many of the Mariners wanted to be just like Ken Griffey Jr.
  • Legendary Lloyd – Manager Lloyd McClendon earned the nickname “Legendary Lloyd” at the 1971 Little League World Series. Hear how his Little League career shaped his future as a Big League player and manager.
  • Positions Played in Little League – You know how Little League works, you’re probably going to get a lot of playing time at a lot of different positions. It was no different for the current crop of Mariners who reflect on their strengths in the field.
  • Advice to Little Leaguers – The Mariners offer up the best pieces of advice they received during their career and the ones they want to pass on to the current youngsters.

Mariners All Access debuts on ROOT SPORTS on Sunday (May 11) at noon. It re-airs on Monday at 6:30am, Tuesday at 6pm, Wednesday at 11:30am and Friday at 4pm.

Mariners All Access


This week on Mariners All Access from ROOT SPORTS:

  •  Cano Returns to NY: Hear Robinson Cano’s thoughts on returning to the Big Apple and what he learned while with the Yankees the first nine years of his career.
  • Miller/Springer Connection: The Mariners upcoming trip takes them to Houston where Brad Miller will get a chance to catch up with a former TEAM USA teammate George Springer, who became part of the Miller family last winter.
  • Pryor Update: Pitcher Stephen Pryor is working his way back from injury and reflects on the lost 2013 season and his rehab progress.
  • Anti-Bullying PSA: Felix Hernandez and Macklemore surprised a group of students at Safeco field and used their star power to support an important anti-bullying message. Get a behind the scenes peek at how the surprise played out.
  • Soundtracks: The best sound from the week-that-was including Kyle Seager’s walk-off home run and comments after Wednesday’s game.
  • Lou Piniella Memories: Lou Piniella goes into the Mariners Hall of Fame in August and with the Mariners series in New York it’s fitting to look back on memories of Sweet Lou in his playing days. Hear from Howard Johnson and Rick Waits, a couple of Mariners coaches who knew him when.

Mariners All Access Debuts Sunday at noon. It is broadcast again:

Sunday at 6:30pm
Monday at 6:30am and 1pm
Tuesday at 3pm
Wednesday at 2:30pm
Thursday at 3pm
Friday at 6:30am and 4pm

Mariners All-Access


This week on Mariners All-Access on ROOT SPORTS with Jen Mueller:

  • Felix 1-on-1 – The King reflects on his Perfect Game with Brad Adam a year after the historic feat.
  • Oliver Perez Delivery – Perez lets us in on how he decides which delivery to use to the plate and why he developed that part of his game.
  • Pitchers Strength and Conditioning – James Clifford explains how he helps keep the staff in top shape and able to handle the grind of a long season.
  • Capps Second Time Around – Carter Capps explains how he used his time in Tacoma and what he changed in his game to have more success this time around in the big leagues.
  • Yoervis Medina – the hard-throwing righty shares what he’s working on to solidify his role in the bullpen.
  • Danny Farquhar 1-on-1  – Learn more about the Mariners current closer, from his nickname to how his height helps him on the mound. Plus why his personality makes him perfectly suited to be the closer and how he came to be fluent in Spanish.
  • Military Family Reunited – It’s one of the most touching things to happen at Safeco this year.  Re-live the reunion of a Sgt. Kitchens and his family before a game against the Brewers.

This week’s Mariners All Access debuts Sunday at 11 am and re-airs Monday at 6:30 am and 6 pm, and Friday 6 pm.

Mariners All-Access


This week on Mariners All-Access on ROOT SPORTS with Jen Mueller:

  • What to Watch For – With two months remaining in the regular season, Angie Mentink breaks down five things to watch for from the team.
  • Brad Miller POW – He’s the first Mariners rookie to win Player of the Week honors since Ken Griffey Junior. Hear Miller’s reaction.
  • Kuma “Sports Science” – Take a closer look at why Hisashi Iwakuma is so effective with his splitter using side by side comparisons and insight from Bill Krueger.
  • Tim Belcher 1-on-1 – The former Mariners pitcher offers his thoughts on the 1995 team, Griffey and how pitching has changed in the last 10 years.
  • Blowers on Baseball – Mike Blowers explains what it means “to let the ball travel” at the plate.
  • Raul’s Stellar Season – Brad Adam puts Raul’s season into context and offers teammates thoughts on what the 41-year old is doing and how he’s helping the club.
  • Refuse to Abuse Recap – Last weekend’s Second Annual Refuse to Abuse 5K at Safeco Field raised more than $75,000 dollars for the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence. We’ll get a recap of the event.
  • Harold Reynolds on Griffey – Ahead of his Mariners Hall of Fame induction, we continue to look at the career of Ken Griffey Junior. This week Harold Reynolds shares the story of a frustrated young Griffey convinced he would never get a hit in the big leagues.

This week’s Mariners All-Access debuts on today at noon. The program re-airs on Monday at 6:30am and 6:30pm, Wednesday at 3pm and Friday at 3pm.

Mariners All-Access – Baseball Clinic


This week on Mariners All-Access on ROOT SPORTS, we get a baseball clinic from the Mariners coaching staff.

Hitting coach Dave Hanson takes Angie Mentink into the batting cage to breakdown what every hitter needs to know to have success at the plate from hitting a 95 mile an hour fastball to the breaking ball.

First base coach Mike Brumley talks about how to throw a baseball properly without hurting your arm, and pitching coach Carl Willis tells us the difference between a four seam and a two seam fastball.

Third base coach Jeff Datz helps clear up confusion about signs for hitters and base runners, and manager Eric Wedge gives a glimpse into the thought process behind his daily lineup card.

Mariners All-Access debuts Sunday at noon and re-airs Monday at 6:30am and 6pm and Friday at 6pm on ROOT SPORTS.

Mariners All-Access – Mariners Greats


This week on ROOT SPORTS Mariners All-Access Jen Mueller steps back in time with some Mariners greats.

Pitcher Jamie Moyer share memories of teammates like Ken Griffey Jr. and Ichiro. Jamie tells Jen how he helped lay the groundwork for Ichiro’s arrival in Seattle, and what it was like to be around a young Griffey.

Fan favorite Mike Cameron opens up about idolizing Griffey and what it was like to take his place in center field. He’ll also recount the play that helped him relax and be accepted by the fans as Griffey’s replacement.

Rickey Henderson, the Man of Steal, spend the 2000 season with the Mariners. Hear about his approach as a lead-off hitter, how he studied pitchers, the routine that kept him in the game for so long and find out if he ever lost a footrace.

And finally, AlvinDavis, Mr. Mariner, reveals how he got that nickname and the responsibility that went with it. He also comments on what it felt like to become the first member of the Mariners Hall of Fame.

Tune in to ROOT SPORTS for the debut of this week’s Mariners All-Access today prior to the Mariners series finale vs. the Yankees at noon. The program airs again on Monday at 6:30 am and 6 pm, and Friday at 6 pm.


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