24 Stories – The Number

Ken Griffey Jr. was the 7th member of the Mariners to don number 24, following RHP Frank MacCormack (1977), RHP Rob Dressler (1979-80), INF Dave Edler (1981), RHP Gene Nelson (1982-83), INF Harold Reynolds (1984-86) and bullpen coach Phil Roof (1986-88). Junior wore number 24 for 13 seasons with the Mariners, beginning with his debut in 1989, and no Mariners player or coach has worn it since then. On Saturday at Safeco Field, Griffey’s number 24 was retired at every level of the Mariners organization in a pre-game ceremony. He is the first Mariners player to have his number retired by the franchise.

In the final edition of 24 Stories, Griffey speaks on what it means to him to have his number 24 retired throughout the entire Seattle Mariners organization.

#24 – The Number

“Baseball is about numbers. You look at some of the greatest players who have played sports, they wear 24. One of the things that, when I signed my rookie contract, that was one of the things that I asked for, was to be able to wear 24. An organization has to feel that it’s worthy. For a team to do that is the ultimate sign of respect for what you did on the field. It’s overwhelming, humbling because of the number of the guy [Jackie Robinson] who I’m going up next to. He basically sacrificed his life for guys to play. It’s an unbelievable honor.” – Ken Griffey Jr.

Visit Mariners.com/24stories to check out each video on Junior’s impact throughout the community, in pop culture, among the current generation of Major League stars and beyond.

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