24 Stories – The Idol

Ken Griffey Jr. drew the next generation of baseball players to the game with his grace and skill in the field, his passion for the game and his charismatic style. Take a listen as some of today’s stars share their admiration for Junior.

#14 – The Idol

“Ken Griffey Jr. – he was my idol. I think he was any kid’s idol that followed baseball, really followed sports. He brought something different to baseball.” – Macklemore

“Me and my buddies would be in the yard – I’m a righty – and I would get up there lefty just to pretend like the way he had it.” – Mike Trout

“I wanted to hit left-handed even though I was right-handed. I wanted to wear my hat backwards. I wanted to have the batting gloves flapping out of the back of my pants. That’s what it was. I wanted to be just like him. We all have people that we look up to. He showed me that I can be a player out there on the field, but I can also be myself. I don’t have to be something else that someone wants me to be.” – Andrew McCutchen

“He was the guy that you wanted to imitate your swing off of. The guy that, as soon as you hit a home run, you wanted to do the walk that he would do. I think he was the guy that you tried to model your game after, on and off the field.” – Eric Hosmer

“The swag that he had when he dropped the bat [after a home run], that’s so smooth and sweet. Griffey was the man.” – Robinson Canó

“He really was someone that I looked up to and tried to idolize.” – Alex Gordon

Visit Mariners.com/24stories to check out a new story each day as we count down to Junior’s number retirement at Safeco Field on August 6.

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