24 Stories – The Mythology

Few players have had a flair for the dramatic quite like Ken Griffey Jr. It was apparent from the beginning, as Junior doubled in his first Major League at-bat and homered on the first pitch of his first at-bat in the Kingdome. The legend of Junior grew with his MVP performance at the 1992 All-Star Game and his power display in the 1993 Home Run Derby at Camden Yards. Junior’s heroics were perhaps never more on display than in 1995, when he returned from a broken wrist in mid-August and helped lead the Mariners through a magical final few months of the season.

The list goes on.

#11 – The Mythology

“With Griffey sometimes, it almost seemed like he was a mythic figure that he would do something that you would only see in a comic book. His first at-bat where he gets a double. Then, his first game at the Kingdome, he gets a home run. He just did things that ordinary people didn’t do. I think of the All-Star Game in 1993 at Camden Yards where he hit the ball completely out of Camden Yards and off of the warehouse beyond right field, which was thought to be impossible. I remember that Michael Jordan was at that game…How great a scene is that to have the mythic figure of his time in Michael Jordan wowed by something that Ken Griffey Jr. did.” – Larry Stone, The Seattle Times

“I don’t think there was a player that I’ve seen in my lifetime that had a better flair for the dramatic. If it’s Opening Night, he put on a show. If it’s Father’s Day, he put on a show. That was the thing with Ken. You’d go to the ballpark every night and wait for it, and he delivered.” Kevin Martinez, Seattle Mariners

“To my mind, the thing that sort of captures the magic of Ken Griffey Jr. was the last game in the Kingdome. He hit a home run. He made a spectaular catch. How quintessentially Griffey, that theatrical ability to rise to the occasion. When the moment was big, he was bigger.” – Jim Copacino, Copacino+Fujikado

Visit Mariners.com/24stories to check out a new story each day as we count down to Junior’s number retirement at Safeco Field on August 6.

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