24 Stories – The Photography


Seattle Mariners team photographer Ben VanHouten captured one of the most iconic moments in Ken Griffey Jr.’s career – as well as Mariners club history – on Oct. 8, 1995 at the Kingdome. In today’s edition of 24 Stories, VanHouten recalls documenting the celebration that unfolded when Edgar Martinez laced a double into the left field corner to score Joey Cora and Griffey as the Mariners defeated the Yankees, 6-5, in game 5 of the 1995 American League Division Series.

#4 – The Photography

“I was on the 1st base side, and I just remember having Edgar come up to the plate. I remember looking at my camera – and obviously remember that this was the time when we shot film, and you only had 36 shots. I looked down, and I think I had eight frames left. I knew if something were to happen, that would not be enough. I quickly put in a new roll of film, and then of course, Edgar gets the double. I’ve got a fresh roll of film coming in. I’m shooting him as he’s coming around and sliding into home plate. So it was a win-win for all the photographers because we got an iconic shot of his slide coming in, the celebration and then also the other famous shot of Junior’s head popping out of the pile with the big smile. Usually, you either get it or you don’t get it.” – Ben VanHouten

Visit Mariners.com/24stories to check out a new story each day as we count down to Junior’s number retirement at Safeco Field on August 6.

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