Mariners 2015 Replay Challenge Recap

Replay Board

Now that the season has come to an end, we can take a look back at how the Mariners fared in the replay review department. The Mariners were one of the most successful challengers in baseball this season, having 27 of their 38 challenges ruled in their favor behind just the Chicago Cubs (28).

With a 71% success rate this season on challenges, the Mariners ranked 2nd in the Majors in that category behind just the New York Yankees (73%).

FOX SportsJust A Bit Outside covered the replay reviews topic a few weeks ago from a different perspective: Which Manager Had Most Success With Review System in 2015?

Here’s a look at how every team in the Majors fared with the replay system in 2015:

Replay Reviews

As a brief refresher, here are the rules for challenging a ruling on the field.

Manager Challenge

  • Most Common Plays
    • Force plays (excluding neighborhood plays)
    • Tag-ups on fly balls
    • Tag plays
    • Fair/foul in outfield only (at or behind umpire)
    • Catch/No Catch in outfield only (behind infielder)
    • Batter hit by pitch
  • Boundaries
    • Ground rule doubles
    • Fan interference
    • Stadium boundaries (e.g., skywalk, fielder into stands, etc.)
  • Base Running
    • Timing plays
    • Touching a base (requires appeal before challenge)
    • Passing runners
    • Home plate collisons

Umpire Discretion (Manager may request but cannot challenge)

  • Home runs
  • Record keeping (e.g. ball-strike count, outs, score, illegal substitutions, rules check)

There are a couple of great websites that go into detail on the plays that have done under review this season, including and Be sure to bookmark both of those and check them out. You can also follow the official MLB Instant Replay twitter site via @MLBReplays.

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