Iwakuma’s Cooperstown Cap

081215_358 BVH

August 12, 2015 was obviously an exciting day for Hisashi Iwakuma, etching his name in the history books by tossing a no-hitter against the Baltimore Orioles. If you were at the game (and even if you weren’t), we’re sure you wanted to save something from that day to remember the great achievement..and the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York was no different.

If you weren’t able to save a ticket stub, a game program or even some garlic fries (we won’t judge) from that day, now you can see a bit of Mariners history when you visit the Hall of Fame.

Iwakuma graciously donated his game-worn hat to them and it will be on display for all baseball lovers to enjoy.


This week, Kuma received a certificate to thank him for his generous donation.

Kuma Cooperstown Donation

If you want to take a trip down memory lane, here are some highlights from the no-hitter as well as some fun facts.


IWAKUMA NO-NOHisashi Iwakuma threw the 5th no-hitter (4th individual) in Mariners history August 12 vs. Baltimore at Safeco Field…here are some details on the no-hitter:

  • Japanese No-Hitter – Became the second Japanese-born pitcher with a no-hitter in MLB history, joining Hideo Nomo: Sept. 17, 1996 at Colorado (with Dodgers) & April 4, 2001 at Baltimore (with Boston).
  • Breaking the AL Jinx – At the time, became the first AL pitcher with a no-hitter since Felix Hernandez on Aug. 15, 2012…there were 12 no-hitters (11 individual, one combined) in the NL since Felix’s Perfect Game…marks the longest streak of no-hitters thrown in one league since the inception of the AL in 1901.
  • Mariners No-Hit Theme – Each of the 3 previous no-hitters in the American League have been tossed by the Mariners…the last team responsible for 3 consecutive no-hitters in its league was NYY (3 straight, 1996-99).
  • Home No-No’s – Was the 5th no-hitter in Seattle Mariners history, the 4th individual…all 5 of the Mariners no-hitters have come in home games, with 3 at Safeco Field (Iwakuma, Felix, combined no-no) and two at The Kingdome (Randy, Bosio).

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