Mariners All-Access


This week on Mariners All Access, we go back Inside the Game.

We take you onto the field with your favorite players to get a baseball clinic.

Kyle Seager helps out the youngest fans with the proper grip on the baseball.

We’ll head out to shortstop with utility player Brad Miller to go over fielding groundballs.

We watch Robinson Cano effortless throw from a million different arm angles, we learn the origins of his side arm throw and what he’s constantly working on to get his throw off quickly.

And Mike Zunino explains how a catcher’s stance changes when a runner is on, and how to throw out would be base stealers.

Logan Morrison shows us how “not” to get picked off at first base— taking throws from the infielders just the beginning for the position.

The newest episode of Mariners All-Access debuts on ROOT SPORTS Sunday at 2:30pm. It re-airs at 7:30 pm, and on the following days:

  • Monday 4 pm
  • Tuesday 4 pm
  • Friday 4:30 am
  • Saturday 5 pm

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