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Robinson Canó, the Mayor of Seattle and a group of kids from the Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club had a friendly game of Wiffle® Ball in downtown Seattle. It was part of the Major League Baseball-U.S. Conference of Mayors PLAY BALL initiative.

Mayor Ed Murray issued an official proclamation declaring August “PLAY BALL Month” in Seattle in recognition of “the importance and influence of the sport of baseball in the City of Seattle.”

Robinson Canó took a turn pitching to the kids, and Mariners team President and COO Kevin Mather stepped up to the rubber when Canó moved behind the plate to give the kids some tips on hitting.

With the “outfield wall” only 60-feet away from home plate there were a few homeruns, including a couple by Canó. The Moose van took a couple of direct hits, but no windows were broken.

PLAY BALL is an MLB campaign to engage youth and families in baseball. The initiative encourages widespread participation in all forms of baseball activities among all age groups, especially youth.

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