Trade Deadline Recap

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The Mariners made several trades over the last few days leading up to today’s 1 pm (PT) non-waiver trade deadline.

Here is a recap of the trades:

  • OF Ramon Flores and RHP Jose Ramirez acquired from New York (AL) for OF Dustin Ackley  (7/30)
  • LHPs Rob Rasmussen, Jake Brentz & Nick Wells acquired from Toronto for RHP Mark Lowe (7/31)
  • RHP Adrian Sampson acquired from Pittsburgh for LHP J.A. Happ (7/31)

Here are some tidbits on the six new players that are joining the organization:

Sampson, 23, is a Redmond native who was drafted by the Pirates out of Bellevue College in 2012 after attending Skyline High School in Sammamish. With AAA Indianapolis this season, he is 8-8 with a 3.98 ERA (55 ER, 124.1 IP) with 95 strikeouts in 21 starts. Amongst International League leaders he ranks tied for 1st in starts, 4th in strikeouts and 3rd in innings pitched. In four minor league seasons, he is 24-23 with a 3.87 ERA (204 ER, 474.0 IP) with 333 strikeouts in 85 games including 82 starts. He played for Scottsdale in the Arizona Fall League following the 2014 season where he posted a 2.25 ERA (3 ER, 12.0 IP) in 10 relief appearances. He was rated by Baseball America as the 15th-best prospect in the Pirates organization entering the 2015 season.

Rasmussen, 26, appeared in one game with Toronto earlier this year and was 4-1 with one save and a 2.36 ERA (11 ER, 42.0 IP) with 40 strikeouts in 34 games including one start with AAA Buffalo in the International League. In 12.1 Major League innings over the last two seasons, he has a 2.92 ERA (4 ER, 12.1 IP) with 14 strikeouts. He was originally drafted by the Florida Marlins in the 2nd round of the 2010 MLB Amateur Draft out of the University of California, Los Angeles. During his minor league career, he is 28-34 with a 3.72 ERA (214 ER, 517.2 IP) with 438 strikeouts in 157 games including 78 starts over 6 minor league seasons in the Miami, Houston, Los Angeles (NL) & Toronto organizations.

Wells, 19, was 1-2 with a 4.78 ERA (17 ER, 32.0 IP) with 31 strikeouts in 7 starts for Rookie level Bluefield in the Appalachian League this season. He was originally drafted by Toronto in the 3rd round of the 2014 MLB Amateur Draft out of Battlefield High School in Haymarket, Virginia. In two minor league seasons, he is 2-5 with a 5.26 ERA (39 ER, 66.2 IP) with 49 strikeouts. Wells is listed as the Blue Jays No. 28 prospect by Baseball America.

Brentz, 20, was 0-1 with a 4.09 ERA (10 ER, 22.0 IP) with 16 strikeouts in 6 starts for Rookie level Bluefield in the Appalachian League. He was originally drafted by Toronto in the 11th round of the 2013 MLB Amateur Draft out of Parkway South High School in Manchester, Missouri. In three minor league seasons, he is 1-4 with a 4.80 ERA (37 ER, 69.1 IP) with 58 strikeouts in 27 games including 12 starts.

And here is a look at the Mariners current 25-man roster:



Why didn’t we give Rodney away instead of Lowe. It doesent make sence to trade a good player and keep a consistant looser.

Let’s hope too that this has been a personal problem, not a pitching coach problem, or we’re still in deep ______.

“Reasonable?” We traded one bad player (Ackley) for two bad players – subtraction by addition. As for the other two trades, Zack continues his failed tactic of trading proven MLB pitching for prospects. He dumps our best reliever (who was rapidly emerging as our likely closer) for the guys that’ll never spend a full year in the bigs. Happ is no all star, but was better than average on this staff (including his last two rough outings). What a waste of a year. Thank goodness the deadline’s passing so Jack can effect no further damage.

It makes me sick that they traded Dustin Ackley. He was one of the better players they had. I think they will regret it. Wishing Dustin the very best of luck with the Yankee’s. May be my new team to root for.

So…you dump Ackley because he hasn’t been hitting well? So, you keep Taylor who needs a pinch hitter? The same Taylor who nearly knocked Miller out of the SS position? Who is Taylor related to in the front office?

Now if they would do something about Rodney. They also need to teach the players to bunt when there’s a runner on first instead of trying to be a homerun hero.

the mariners have lost their minds. Let’s go to every team and get their lowest ranked players. Have we proved we can develop anyone outside of Kyle Seager.. No. Great Job leadership. Z and his staff need to go.


Correction: the M’s have had a hard time developing hitters. They’ve done well drafting and developing pitchers over the years. This all seems reasonable, especially since Lowe isn’t going to make a difference for the M’s season this year. If they were in a playoff run they wouldn’t give up their best reliever. They’re not, so they can trade for some more pitching prospects and see what they can make for the future.

oh I agree with Keith Z has need to go for a long time
I’m ready to quite the Mariners

I can`t believe what I just read. Mark Lowe was more valuable than Fernando Rodney. Why didn`t he go. He`s a POS reliever and or closer. J. A. Happ was good, but I don`t think a starter, maybe a reliever? The leadership on the team really sucks. There`s a real need to get a manager, Lloyd isn`t the answer. From what I seen in last nights game, Taylor isn`t a second baseman. Getting back to Lloyd, STOP changing the line up so much. If you`re not sure whose going to play where, back out and let someone run the team who knows what they`re doing.

Fire Jack Z. Now. Or you lose a 15 year fan. I’m done with your poor decisions. You shouldn’t be rewarded by my loyalty for failure after failure.

AMEN… plus the ownership needs to change… or, get some fresh minds running the show from above… Chris Larson… stand tall… Managers don’t play the games… but they seem to take the blame for the results… Add a pitching coach to go with Edgar is REALLY needed… how about this Moyer Guy… ? Also a bench guy ala Dan Wilson… and if you decide Lloyd must go… get an in your face man to take controls… not someone from ex-mgr pile

All the emty promises and now this whats next you sell Hernandez? to the damm Yanks. And why is Rodney still here !!!

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