Guti’s Memorable Week


It was a memorable week for Mariners outfielder Franklin Gutierrez

On Tuesday in Detroit, Gutierrez hit a pinch-hit grand slam to send the Mariners to a come-from-behind 11-9 win.

And then yesterday Guti delivered a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 10th inning to give the Mariners a 6-5 victory and a series win over the Blue Jays.

We’ll see what the next week has in story for Mr. Gutierrez and the Mariners as the club opens a three-game Interleague series tonight vs. the Diamondbacks.


One of the most exciting games I’ve ever been to! Wondering if it was also uniquely historic: before Sunday’s game, had there ever been a game in MLB history in which the home team 1) hit a leadoff home run, 2) turned a triple play, and 3) hit a walk off home run (in extra innings, no less!)? Could anyone from the M’s look into it? Regardless, I’m pretty darn sure it’ll be the only game I ever see with that exciting trio of occurrences. Lucky me : ) Go M’s!!!

We looked into games where there were walk-off home runs and a triple play, and there were several, but our research was capped when you start looking into more layers. Very exciting game. Thanks for following.

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