108 Year Old First Pitch

Evelyn Jones of Woodinville celebrated her 108th birthday in style on Saturday. It started with a party with 50 guests at the Fairwinds-Brittany Park retirement community in Woodinville. The next stop was Safeco Field, where she threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Mariners met the Angels.

Evelyn, who was born in 1907, beamed when she saw Felix Hernandez come out on the field to catcher pitch. After she tossed the ball to Felix and he autographed it, she asked for a hug, then the 30,000+ fans at the game serenaded her with Happy Birthday.

Evelyn was accompanied to the mound by her daughter Kay, and her grandson. Also on hand were great grandchild and great-great-grandchildren.

When asked what would make the day even more special, Evelyn replied, “a win.”

When she threw the ball to Felix, Evelyn became the oldest person to throw out a ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game. The previous record holder was 105 year old Agnes McKee, who threw out a pitch before a San Diego Padres game on July 20, 2014.

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