What’s Going on at Safeco Field?

Want a detailed rundown of the events going on at Safeco Field for the remainder of the homestand and future games? Well, we’ve got you covered. Hope to see you out at Safeco Field soon!

GOASF May 12-17, 2015_Page_1

GOASF May 12-17, 2015_Page_2

GOASF May 12-17, 2015_Page_3


GOASF May 12-17, 2015_Page_4

GOASF May 12-17, 2015_Page_5

GOASF May 12-17, 2015_Page_6


GOASF May 12-17, 2015_Page_7

GOASF May 12-17, 2015_Page_8

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