Mariners Mixing Up Broadcast Teams During Trip

Mariners broadcast team

Mariners announcers

The Mariners radio-TV crew of announcers will do some shifting from time to time this season, primarily involving Dave Sims and Aaron Goldsmith. While Rick Rizzs anchors the radio booth and Mike Blowers the TV booth, Dave and Aaron will switch seats for approximately 40 games this year.

During the first two series of the current road trip  vs. the Rangers and Astros, Dave will join Rick on 710 ESPN and the Mariners Radio Network, and Aaron will team with Mike on ROOT Sports Northwest. Aaron and Rick will be back on radio, and Dave and Mike on TV for the Angels series.

“Our goal is to provide a change up over the course of the season on Mariners radio and TV.  Dave is very experienced on both TV and radio, and Aaron will gain some experience on TV during the 2015 season,” said the Mariners Randy Adamack.

During the second half of the season, Goldsmith is scheduled to join FOX Sports for eight games as part of the national MLB Saturday baseball package.


I think it would be better for the listeners to hear someone more local on Tv besides Simms. We really don’t need commentary on TV because we can see.. We need insight from former PLAYERS not Simms.

Agree completely! Well said.

Could not of said it better, Right now simms is in the toilet with the Mariners.
If the Bone or Wilson is a guest all he can say ” yes my thoughts exactly”
He never will say it like it is, hey Mariners stink and that is the way it is but he is worried about his job , as well as he should be, and wont make a comment..

not to say that Aaron is a bad announcer but, Dave Sims has become the voice of the Mariners now. His knowledge and the Banter with Blowers is one of the best I have heard on TV. You should leave a good thing alone. Rick and Aaron work very well on Radio. I listen and watch both all season long.

Please get Sims back,its just not the same

So very nice. We loved listening to Rich at spring training. We won’t have to listen after every pitch how fast the ball was. Arron and Rick do a great job so will be anxious to see them on television. Thanks!!!! Thanks!!!!

Love Aaron on TV, would love to see him on TV permanently! Can’t stand listening to Sims.

Sims after all these years does not understand baseball. Infield fly, swat that critter.

It is really nice not having to listen to Dave ‘s ridiculous comments during the games. He is not a baseball commentator.

I like it.

Keep the kid on tv with blowers he is good.

Nice. Aaron is an enjoyable and interesting voice. His conversations with Mike are stimulating and focussed on the game in front of them keeping the listeners involved. A refreshing change.

I really miss Dave. He makes the broadcast exciting and fun.

I thought the TV broadcast with Aaron Goldsmith was boring. Really boring. Bring Dave back to TV

Keep Dave on tv. Aaron has zero personality for the camera. Dave Sims has truly become the voice of the Mariners! His enthusiasm is fantastic and keeps the game moving! Also Blowers feeds off that and is better with Sims there. We love watching the broadcast rather than the raspy nasal sound of am radio. GO MARINERS!!

Couldn’t agree more. Goldsmith can’t or won’t take a breath, just drones on and on in a monotone. Please Mariners management, keep Dave Sims and Mike Blowers and let Aaron go.

Keep Dave Sims. Goldsmith talks too much!

David makes me want to watch the Ms with his relaxing style and personal comments, something like a former staturesque famous Ms announcer, ay. Keep Aaron on radio or better yet, he belongs on keeping stats for baseball, and his “premonition” of a hit or an easy flyball which turns into an easy out is distressing and “P_ _ _ _ _ _” me off!

Dave Sims one of best announcers in sports, period, and has been one of few reasons to tune into Ms games on ROOT (and its predecessors) these past mediocre to lousy years. When he’s not on TV I just don’t watch because he’s the biggest reason to hang in there with this team there is. Love Rizz, but won’t watch TV without Sims and unfortunately the old “listen to radio, watch TV” trick doesn’t work due to delay. Wish Ms could at least figure out the broadcast end of this operation. Greg

Aaron and Rick are the best radio broadcasters ever. They work well together. These substitutes I’ve been hearing lately can’t compare. Bring Aaron back!

Arron sounds like a radio announcer on TV. We don’t need him tell us everything happening as we can see it. Really miss Dave on TV. Please bring him back and leave Arron on radio.

I do not enjoy listening to Aaron on tv, his voice is boring & he doesn’t get very excited during great plays. Dave is fun & he and Blowers make a good team. It has been painful to listen to the latest road trip broadcasts.

goldsmiths vin schully wannabe routine makes me want to scream at the tv BORING

Goldsmith is terrible! Bring back Dave!!

Dave Sims has tremendous energy — brings that great energy to the Mike-Dave duo. While Aaron is a good play-by-play man, his voice is exactly at the same energy level as Mike’s — their tones are also close, so there’s simply not enough variety when Mike-Aaron are on together.

Goldsmith is terrible on TV, very boring. And what’s worse is he makes blowers boring too. Bring back Dave Simms please!

Bring back Dave, please, he has so much more personality and the relationship he has with mike is fun to listen too, hard to listen to games now

Dave on tv! The chemistry between Mike and Dave is unique — please don’t mess with it! Very distressed to hear that we’ll be stuck with Aaron’s monotone and lifeless commentary on the upcoming road trip. DAVE! DAVE! DAVE!

Aaron Goldsmith never stops reading the boring stats and color commentary, like he’s not really into the game. Dave and Mike are more fun & they make it interesting even in a dismal game. Give those guys a raise!

Dave Simms is an idiot, finally can watch the broadcast again. keep Aaron on permanently please.

please leave Aaron on TV side, that is a good combination. Sims don’t have half the knowledge that young refreshing mind.

it will save me turning on the radio and watching the TV broadcast cannot stand to listen to Dave’s comments they are not worthy of the knowledge we need for the game

the TV sponsors are losing my attention because of him

I thought the Mariners were being covered this week by FOX or MLB Network until I realized that Arron was doing the game. Having an announcer talk about nothing but baseball including player history, strategy and other relevant information, reminded me of listening to Vin Scully or Jack Buck. Talking about rally fries and other non pertinent information is not necessary or entertaining. In addition Mike does not need to read graphics like pitcher stats, we can read those ourselves. Adding some relevant information we be much better.

I thought the Mariners were being covered this week by FOX or MLB Network until I realized that Aaron was doing the game. Having an announcer talk about nothing but baseball including player history, strategy and other relevant information, reminded me of listening to Vin Scully or Jack Buck. Talking about rally fries and other non pertinent information is not necessary or entertaining. In addition Mike does not need to read graphics like pitcher stats, we can read those ourselves. Adding some relevant information we be much better.

Please make the last sentence in my comment read “Adding some relevant information would be much better.

I have been watching and attending professional baseball games in Seattle since the Pilots played at Sicks Stadium. Since the Mariners came to the King Dome you have had wonderful TV announcers. Now for the past few years Dave and Mike have been perfect together…they compliment and bounce off each other. The addition of Aaron Goldsmith is boring and distracting: he babbles on and on and doesn’t stop but to take a breath. We turn down the TV volume when he is in the booth. Please , please get Dave and Mike back together ! Thank you.

I don’t hear any more call ins like it used to be where the fans ans can ask questions why don’t that do that any more

Please bring back Dave…I want to turn off the game when Aaron is the commentator…he talks too much and I scream at the TV, “shut up!” I can’t stand his boring voice and CONSTANT talking. He barely lets Blowers ever say anything! I hate it when he is on…get rid of Goldsmith!

It is now late July and that’s time enough to know how this little experiment worked out. Aaron Goldsmith has been a disaster on television. One thing I loved about Dave Niehaus and now love about Dave Simms is their longtime love of the game and their ability to recall historic moments in baseball from personal memory. Aaron was born in 1983. It is clear that he studies up on opposing player details before each game, but the minutiae about which he speaks are not of interest to the average Mariner fan. Dave Simms has a great rapport with Mike Blowers, Dave Valle, Jay Buhner and Bill Krueger. Aaron talks too much. Every time his baseball color analyst/partner starts to say something, Aaron also starts to speak. His partner usually defers to Aaron who says something inane. The only thing Aaron has going for him is a great voice. He sounds like a professional announcer. Dave Niehaus was the best, not because he sounded like an announcer–he was great because it seemed that he and his partner were enjoying themselves watching their beloved Mariners, having a great conversation about baseball and letting us in on the fun. Dave Simms has many of those same qualities. Aaron is working too hard at announcing because he has to do so. He doesn’t have the experience necessary to do ortherwise. The game is televised. We can see what is going on. Aaron talks too much and when he does talk seldom says anything interesting or amusing. Aaron needs to go back to radio where his play-by-play narration is useful. Dave Simms needs to be is television full time.

Bring Dave back!! We can’t stand Aaron’s constant talking – he is extremely
annoying. We turn the sound off when he is on TV.

My husband and I miss Dave he is so good at calling the game and when he is not there it is not the same. Aaron will be very good some day but now he talks more than he on things that some people don’t want to hear. Dave and Mike are so good together.

PLEASE keep Aaron off the TV side. He is soooooo borrrring that it’s only possible to enjoy the game if we can tune out the grinding, droning stats. Please keep Dave on the TV side. We love him, and he keeps Blowers from getting dull. Thanks.

I miss Dave being with Mike, its not the same

Please keep Aaron on the broadcasts and Simms off. I have family members and friends who look for a national broadcast of the M’s games so they don’t have to listen to Dave Simms. Either that, or hit “Mute”. All Simms does is say “Rah Rah Rah.” I’m already rooting for the Mariners. I don’t need a cheerleader. Aaron’s comments are insightful and informative, and he interacts well with Mike Blowers and guests like “The Bone”. ;-D

For me, Simms is mostly hyperbole. He starts most of his calls with a growling voice in the hopes that it’ll be a big play (even when it’s obviously a routine fly ball). When Blowers make a point, Simms responds with “ALL RIGHT!” and “ABSOLUTELY!” without adding informative commentary. He latches onto 2-3 facts and repeats them most of the game. Aaron Goldsmith, or Rick Rizzs, would be a better choice to work with Blowers.

Please cease and desist. While I am sure Aaron is a nice guy, he does not hold a candle to Dave Sims in the broadcast booth. The Sims-Blowers chemistry is one of the best in baseball. Why do you persist in punishing us with this frustrating policy?

Oh yes! Bring Dave back!!! Aaron has no personality for the tv broadcast. Dave has a rich life experience and is a wonderful complement to Mike’s baseball analysis. Dave and Mike are like family. Listening to Aaron is like having a generic announcer give a bland presentation. I listen to, watch, and score EVERY Mariner game. I’m losing interest in the games where Aaron is the announcer. Please bring Dave back for every game!!! Please!

Much more enjoyable having Mike and Dave announcing. If they are not the best announcing team they are tied. Hope Aaron Goldsmith was sent to the Aqua Socks or better yet some where to annoucing hockey. Yak yak yak ….boring.

Dave Simms: It is great having you back…you and Mike are a great team and like Dave Neihouse, you are following in his footsteps. I wish that FOX would announce the change when you and Arron switch places… And for how long!! I don’t think this a lot to ask of FOX!!

please fire dave he is terrible

I believe Aaron does a much thorough job. Simms is like the Mariners in the toilet, we need new blood everywhere

Please bring Dave back, Would really like to watch the game without a constant oratory from Aaron.

Please leave Dave and Mike together on TV. Arron talks so fast we can’t understand him and it’s obvious he has never played baseball. He says some dumb things and Mike graciously corrects him. Love all of Daves chatter with Mike.

I miss Dave Simms on TV. Often, when Aaron is announcing, I turn the sound off. Simms and Blowers are a great team. I wish you would use Aaron on radio and Dave on TV.

I really don’t care for Aaron Goldsmith

Aaron G. is awful – that TV anchor voice and his “machine-gun” laugh are horrible, makes me cringe and wince. plus he makes ridiculous comments. I use closed-caption or just mute when he is on. .

Please take Aaron off TV. We don’t need a talking baseball encyclopedia; it’s distracting–it would be better in Baseball 101 at Seattle Community College than our living room.
Love Dave and Mike and Rick.
(Not so much the Bone–loud and rather obnoxious.)

Steve and Debbie

I’m sorry, but Aaron really ruins the broadcast. It’s hard enough to watch the team, without being talked at. The conversational flow with Dave and Mike is much easier on the nerves.

Please do not let Goldsmith replace Dave Sims! He is not anywhere as enjoyable to listen to. Mike and Dave are a fabulous team: knowledgeable, fun, and pleasing voices. Sonia and Walt, La Conner

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