King’s Court – Bobblehead Edition


How good is our Marketing Department? So good that they scheduled Felix Hernandez “The King” Bobblehead Night for a game that Felix is scheduled to start.

Bringing those two occasions together on the same night isn’t as much of a longshot as winning the lottery. You figure Felix will be the starter on Opening Day (a pretty safe bet), then do some math for every fifth game, minus off-days, etc., which gives you an April 18th start for Felix.

But since the promotions schedule is determined in January/February, a lot of good luck has to factor into the process to make it all come together. A rainout, a blister, any number of things could change the starting rotation at a moment’s notice.

Since none of those things happened, we have the harmonic convergence of King Felix Bobblehead Night with King’s Court. A special King’s Court T-Shirt has been created to mark the occasion. Fans who buy tickets in the King’s Court seating section for Saturday’s game (6:10pm start), will get the special edition T-Shirt and a K-Card for $35. This is an online-only offer and is available only while tickets remain for the King’s Court sections.

Disclaimer – If you buy a ticket for the King’s Court, you’re not guaranteed a bobblehead. You’ll need to arrive early for the best chance to score both.

This is the ninth consecutive season featuring the likeness of King Felix in bobblehead form (every season since 2007), and this will be the third time he pitches on his bobblehead night. King Felix is 1-1 with 17 strikeouts in 11.2 innings pitched in those games.



I’ll be there in the King’s Court section yelling my head off, but I have to say, that’s one ugly shirt.
I really can’t believe that the promo department that has come up with so many good ideas and so many good looking shirts greenlighted this one.

It’s absurd. Which is why it’s awesome. Can’t wait to get mine.

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