Opening Day Primer – Instant Replay

052414_214 BVH

MLB implemented instant replay review for the first time in 2014.  All things considered, it was considered a success and went smoothly.  A total of 2,430 games were played by the 30 teams last year, and managers challenged a total of 1,377 calls, about 1+ every other game.  The number of calls overturned was 609, about 48%.

Mariners Manager Lloyd McClendon asked for replay reviews 35 times, and 20 (57%) of those calls were overturned after review.

After reviewing the results in 2014, MLB has made the following modifications to replay review for the 2015 baseball season:

  • Managers may now invoke instant replay from the dugout and will no longer be required to approach the calling umpire to challenge a call.  Managers may hold play from the top step of the dugout by signaling to players and the home plate umpire that he is considering a challenge.  A decision can be communicated verbally or with a hand signal.  To challenge an inning-ending call, managers will be required to leave the dugout immediately in order to hold the defensive team on the field.
  • Whether a runner left the base early or properly touched a base on a tag-up play was not reviewable in 2014, but will be in 2015
  • During Postseason games, regular season tiebreaker games and the All-Star Game, managers will now have two challenges per game vs. one in 2014.
  • A manager will retain his challenge after every call that is overturned.  Last year, a manager retained his challenge only after the first overturned call.
  • A manager must use a challenge in order to review whether a play at home plate included a violation of the rule governing home plate collisions.  However, in the event that a manager is out of challenges after the start of the seventh inning, the Crew Chief may still choose to review whether there was a violation of the rule.

Here is a good look at the Instant Replay modifications for 2015:





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