Mariners Honored for Sustainability Leadership

Kid Compost and Captain Plastic

Kid Compost and Captain Plastic

The Mariners received an award on Saturday from Sustainable Seattle in recognition of our “commitment to raising the bar for sustainability in the Puget Sound region.”

The “Setting an Example” award was handed out during the Sustainability Leadership awards banquet in downtown Seattle.

Dennis McLerran, Environmental Protection Agency Regional administrator, commented on the Mariners award, “The Mariners reflect the green values of their city and fans as they set a national example for sustainable games. The sustainability practices the Mariner use at Safeco Field on a large scale – recycling, composting, installing efficient lights – are simple and impactful things fans can do at home.”

Since 2005, the Mariners sustainability practices have improved the recycling rate at Safeco Field from just 12% to over 90% today. We have twice been named American League Recycling champs, and are among the founding members of the Green Sports Alliance, a group of nearly 300 sports teams and venues dedicated to sustainable operations.

Just last week, we announced that Safeco Field is the first Major League ballpark to switch from outdated metal halide lights to LEDs to illuminate the playing field. This change will not only provide a better on-field experience for our players and for fans watching at the ballpark and at home, but will also reduce our energy consumption by 60%-70% percent.

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