Manfred’s Takes Over as Major League Baseball Commissioner

New MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred.

New MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred.

Yesterday was the first official day for new Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred.

Manfred penned a letter outlining some of his goals as commissioner. Please give it a read as it really shows his passion for continuing to grow the game of baseball.


Another interesting item is that there will be new baseballs for the 2015 season, of course with Mr. Manfred’s signature on them. Since the 2000 regular season, the official game-used baseballs have had the signature of former commissioner Bud Selig. Prior to the 2000 season, the official baseballs bore the signature of the respective league presidents.

} New Baseballs with Rob Manfred's Signature (MLB Photos)


…hey Pete! Did you get the memo? Good Luck!

Hope he is good and better than Roger Goodell (NFL Commissioner) since it’s about time to move the draft during All Star week in July like on Mon., Wed., and Thurs. so there can be some draft and player trades similar in NBA and NFL for some teams in the playoff contention that has a top 10 draft pick can trade down w/ a team that’s struggling w/ a losing record at that time but has a draft pick in the 20-something in the first few rounds. That will also help out before July 31ST on non-waiver trades.

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