Inside the Numbers on the Safeco Field Retractable Roof

053014_180 BVH

Ever wonder how many times the Mariners have played at Safeco Field with the roof open, closed, or even how many times the roof has moved during the course of a game?

Well, we’ve got you covered as we have recorded the date for all of the roof openings and closings during the history of Safeco Field dating back to the first game played on July 15, 1999 vs. the San Diego Padres.

Since the first game at Safeco Field, there have been 1,262 regular season games played, with the Mariners holding a record of 669-593 (.530) in those games.

The below graphic will show you the amount of times the retractable roof has been open during a game, closed for a game or moved to the closed position during a game. MLB rules state that the roof can only close during play once. If the game starts with the roof closed, it must remain that way for the entire game.


While Seattle is notoriously known for “always raining”, the roof has actually been open in 78% of games played (985 of 1262). It has been closed (or moved during a game) roughly 22% of the time. The record for most games played in the open air is 71 (out of 81 home games) in 2006 and 2012.

Here is a breakdown of the Mariners records by roof “position”:

Roof Open: 520-465 (.528) — 985 of 1262 games
Roof Closed: 91-82 (.526) — 173 of 1262 games
Roof Moves: 58-46 (.558) — 104 of 1262 games

And for those interested, here is a fun look at the Safeco Field roof closing, which takes 10-20 minutes depending on wind and other weather conditions.


We were at Safeco the day it started to rain and they field crew had to pull the tarp over the field, because the retracted roof was stuck. It finally was fixed, but it did happen.

Paula, I was there that day also. I got soaking wet but it was history in the making. If my old memory serves me right, it was the second game played at Safeco Field. I could be wrong though.

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