A Wild (Card) World Series

Raise your hand if you’ve enjoyed the playoffs so far this season? And last night’s walk-off home run by Washington native Travis Ishikawa (Federal Way) has set up a pretty “wild” setting for the upcoming World Series.

For just the second time during the 20 years of the Wild Card era, two teams that entered the playoffs as wild card teams have advanced to the World Series. The Royals and Giants will open the 2014 World Series next Tuesday (4:30 pm PT/FOX) after clinching their respective pennants over the last two days.

The Royals and Giants join the Angels and Giants in 2002 as the only season since 1995 (the year the Wild Card was introduced) where both Wild Card teams advanced to the World Series. In total, 12 of 46 Wild Card teams have advanced to the World Series (26.1%), while 28 of 120 division champions have advanced to the Fall Classic (23.3%).

Another fun fact is that the Giants are the first “lowest seed” Wild Card team to advance to the playoffs since the expansion to two Wild Card teams in 2012. The following teams have won the World Series as a Wild Card team: Marlins (1997 & 2003), Angels (2002), Red Sox (2004), and Cardinals (2011), meaning that three consecutive titles were won by a wild card (2002–2004). A Wild Card team appeared in the World Series each year from 2002–2007.

Here is the official World Series schedule from @MLB_PR:


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