Mariners All-Access


This week on Mariners All-Access on ROOT SPORTS, talk of the postseason, bunting, hitting and whether Edgar Martinez belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Here’s a rundown of Jen Mueller’s lineup for the program:

  • September Schedule – It looked a little odd at first, but the upcoming schedule could definitely play to the advantage of the Mariners.
  • Seager/Blowers – We finish the conversation between Kyle Seager and Mike Blowers and learn how Kyle tries to bait hitters into bunting and allowing him to make one of his favorite plays over to first base.
  • Felix Update – We update the numbers for the AL Cy Young front-runner.
  • DH in the Hall of Fame? – With the importance of the DH to offense in general and the Mariners during the playoff push, we wade into the discussion about the merits of inducting a true DH in the Hall of Fame (TRT 4:00)
  • Blowers on DH’s – Mike Blowers makes a case for Designated Hitters in general as a vital part of the game and deserving of the Hall of Fame.
  • Edgar in the HOF – Edgar Martinez produced several clutch hits during the Mariners playoff runs and was considered one of the best right handed hitters of his time. Players past and present give their support of seeing Edgar in the Hall.
  • Blowers on Edgar – It’s no surprise Mike thinks Edgar is deserving of a HOF spot, but hear his reasoning why.
  • Favorite Things Baskets – The annual “Favorite Things” baskets raised money for Mariners Care and is always a highly anticipated event at Safeco Field.
  • Soundtracks – The best highlights and postgame sound from the week.

Mariners All Access airs:

  • Sunday – noon
  • Monday – 6:30am, noon
  • Wednesday – 11:30am, 1am
  • Thursday – 3pm
  • Friday – 6:30am, 4pm
  • Saturday – 4pm

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