Mariners All Access


This week on Mariners All Access from ROOT SPORTS:

  •  Cano Returns to NY: Hear Robinson Cano’s thoughts on returning to the Big Apple and what he learned while with the Yankees the first nine years of his career.
  • Miller/Springer Connection: The Mariners upcoming trip takes them to Houston where Brad Miller will get a chance to catch up with a former TEAM USA teammate George Springer, who became part of the Miller family last winter.
  • Pryor Update: Pitcher Stephen Pryor is working his way back from injury and reflects on the lost 2013 season and his rehab progress.
  • Anti-Bullying PSA: Felix Hernandez and Macklemore surprised a group of students at Safeco field and used their star power to support an important anti-bullying message. Get a behind the scenes peek at how the surprise played out.
  • Soundtracks: The best sound from the week-that-was including Kyle Seager’s walk-off home run and comments after Wednesday’s game.
  • Lou Piniella Memories: Lou Piniella goes into the Mariners Hall of Fame in August and with the Mariners series in New York it’s fitting to look back on memories of Sweet Lou in his playing days. Hear from Howard Johnson and Rick Waits, a couple of Mariners coaches who knew him when.

Mariners All Access Debuts Sunday at noon. It is broadcast again:

Sunday at 6:30pm
Monday at 6:30am and 1pm
Tuesday at 3pm
Wednesday at 2:30pm
Thursday at 3pm
Friday at 6:30am and 4pm

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