Mariners Spring Training Update – Day 10

Mariners Spring Training Update
Friday, February 21, 2014 / 38 Days ‘til Opening Night (March 31 at Los Angeles Angeles) / 47 Days ‘til Opening Night in Seattle (April 8 vs. Angels).

Setting the Scene:
As Spring Training continues, it is beginning to evolve, with different drills being added to the schedule. One of the fun things that was added today was the pop-up drill; which is basically a drill where the fielders yell out “I GOT IT! I GOT IT! I GOT IT!” to call off other position players and make the catch.

The fans in attendance got a little bit of a laugh courtesy of shortstop Nick Franklin and second baseman Robinson Cano. On the first few fly balls that were coming down behind the pitcher’s mound, both players converged to make the play but it was Franklin who made the catch after calling for it. After some good natured ribbing from the fans who wanted to see Cano make the play, another fly went up into the sky….”I GOT IT! I GOT IT! I GOT IT!” was heard by even those watching at other fields, only this time, BOTH men were calling for it. Of course, as the shortstop (and infield captain on these drills), Franklin made the catch. Cano stood there right next to Franklin in disbelief but with a big smile on his face before the two went back to their positions. He might not have made the catch himself, but we’re sure even Cano would agree that two important things happened: The ball was caught, and the fans got a good laugh out of it.

Abraham Almonte calls off Nick Franklin during pop-fly drills.

Abraham Almonte calls off Nick Franklin during pop-fly drills.

For the second day in a row, pitchers threw live batting practice and here’s the full list of who threw:

Field #3: Charlie Furbush, Danny Farquhar, Bobby LaFromboise, Carson Smith.

Field #4: Mark Rogers, Logan Bawcom, Hector Noesi, Stephen Kohlscheen.

Field #5: James Paxton, Zach Miner, Roenis Elias, Jonathan Arias.

Field #6: Scott Baker, Randy Wolf, Brandon Maurer.

It’s Up…It’s GOOD!
Since the pitchers arrived earlier than the position players and began workouts before them as well, the hitters are obviously a little behind the pitchers when it comes to speed of the game. With that in mind, you might understand why a hitter might enjoy hitting one well.

On field three, outfielder Michael Saunders got the chance to face left-hander Charlie Furbush and after making contact on some pitches, Saunders finally got solid contact on Furbush’s final pitch and hit a screaming line drive to straight-away right field. Both Saunders and Furbush tracked the ball and as soon as the ball cleared the fence, both threw their hands in the air as if it was a field goal…IT’S GOOD! Small victories, but you enjoy them when you get them.

Charlie Furbush threw live BP during workouts today.

Charlie Furbush threw live BP during workouts today.

Working Hard
As you may have read in a previous blog (about the infielders taking 150 ground balls each), the coaching staff is working the players hard and Endy Chavez was no exception. Chavez, taking a break in the dugout on field four, was telling outfield prospect James Jones about his seemingly endless outfield drills with coach Andy Van Slyke. Baseballs kept coming Endy’s way and he kept making all the plays. Finally, after 350 consecutive plays made (I exaggerate), he finally missed one…Van Slyke threw his bat in the air and walked away in mock disgust. Endy was smiling while telling Jones of this outfield adventure, but you could tell that he was a tad tired. Let’s hope he gets some rest because he’ll be back out there tomorrow!

Endy Chavez takes a break after live BP.

Endy Chavez takes a break after live BP.

Really? A day off already?
Down here at Spring Training, days off are few and far between so when someone takes a day off…people notice! The guilty party, not surprisingly, was Ryan Divish of the Seattle Times. We’re sure he was sitting at a pool somewhere, watching a Pac-12 game with a refreshing Pepsi in his hand…or just sleeping in and staring at his twitter feed.

This is probably what Ryan Divish wanted to do with his off-day.

This is probably what Ryan Divish wanted to do with his off-day.

Temperature remained a little cooler today reaching the mid-70s…but regardless of what the weather looks like in Peoria, it’s hard to complain.

Quote of the Day:

On Tap Tomorrow (Feb. 21):

Workouts continue tomorrow at 9:30 am. Pitchers will continue to throw live batting practice, while both pitchers and position players will work on defensive drills.


Is that 2011 pic taken on Maui?! Looks like it!

That is definitely Maui, that looks so nice right now.

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