Mariners Caravan About To Hit The Road

Blake Beavan, Mike Blowers and Tom Wilhelmsen signed autographs for a young fan at the Yakima SunDome during the 2012 Mariners Caravan.

The annual Mariners Caravan starts up next week.

The 2014 Seattle Mariners Caravan hits the road next week (Tuesday, January 7) with the first stops in Pierce County in Lake Tapps and Gig Harbor. Over a three-week period (January 7-24), the Caravan will make stops in some two dozen communities across the Pacific Northwest from Portland to Vancouver, B.C., Longview to Spokane, and points in between. Note: Many stops along the way will be at schools, hospitals, etc. and not open to the public. See below for the details around our six public appearances.

At various stops on the Caravan, current and former Seattle Mariners players, announcers, and the Mariner Moose host assemblies for elementary school students, Boys & Girls Club members, and free public autograph and photo sessions.

Scheduled to appear on Week 1 are pitchers Danny Farquhar and Charlie Furbush, broadcaster Dave Sims and the Mariner Moose.

In addition to the first day’s stops in Lake Tapps and Gig Harbor, the first week of the Caravan includes Olympia, Tenino, Hillsboro, Oregon, and Longview/Kelso.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the Caravan events via this blog with some fun pictures.

Public Appearances:

  • Lacey – Wednesday, January 8, 4:15pm-5:45pm – Details
  • Longview – Friday, January 10, 4:15pm-5:45pm – Details
  • Yakima – Monday, January 13, 4:30pm-6:00pm – Details
  • Walla Walla – Thurdsay, January 16, 4:15pm-5:45pm – Details
  • Tri-Cities – Friday, January 17, 4:15pm-5:45pm – Details
  • Tukwila – Friday, January 24, 5:00pm-6:00pm – Details


I am curious to know when you’ll be in Portland and Hillsboro, Oregon. Although I live in down in Salem, I’d be willing to drive to at least Hillsboro to see you if the time and date is right🙂

The Hillsboro stop will be at the Boys and Girls Club, and unfortunately it is not open to the public at this point. Thanks for being a great fan!

Being a fan in Oregon, we are excited to see that the caravan is coming to Hillsboro. Do you know where and when it will be here?

The Hillsboro stop will be at the Boys and Girls Club, which is set up for them. As of not it is not open to the public. Thanks for being a great fan!

Seems that Port Angeles and the North Olympic Peninsula is always left out.


Thanks for the comment. We will pass along the information to our Community Relations Department and let them know of the interest on the great Olympic Peninsula. We made stops out there in 2007 and 2008 it looks like, so it looks like we are due. Thanks again for the suggestion!

is the Gig Harbor stop open to the public?

Unfortunately, it is at the Boys and Girls Club, and at this moment is not open to the public. We’ll share some photos from the event. Thanks for the comment.

Is there a way to request the caravan at a specific boys and girls club. I’ve see they visit a lot of the bigger cities and my son is not only a fan but very involved in baseball for it threw the organization he goes to.

Thanks for your reply. You can directly contact our Community Relations Department by calling Safeco Field at 206-346-4000. They start planning the caravan during the season, so the earlier you get to them, the better, and hopefully something can be worked out. Go Mariners!

Why no stop in Spokane WA this year!!!!


The caravan will be making a stop at the Sacred Heart Medical Center and in Post Falls at the Boys and Girls Club, but unfortunately there will not be an autograph session this year. Thanks for following!

is Spokane on the schedule?

The caravan will be in Spokane at the Sacred Heart Medical Center and in Post Falls at the Boys & Girls Club for a private event.

Any chance there will be any additional “public” sessions ?

At this point, the caravan schedule has been set. But please send us your feedback if you would like the caravan to tour your neck of the woods and we will pass it along. FanFest at Safeco Field will have a ton of autograph options. Thanks for following!

Wenatchee 01/15/2015 ?

We have not received the photos from the last day of the caravan yet from Eastern Washington, but when we do, we’ll try to post them. Thanks for understanding.

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