The Start of the Hot Stove League…


First of all, congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on their World Series victory.  The Sox and the Cardinals provided a great World Series for all to enjoy.

The Mariners made a few roster moves this morning, with five players automatically becoming free agents. Those players – Endy Chavez, Raul Ibañez, Kendrys Morales, Oliver Perez, Humberto Quintero – automatically became free agents due to Major League Baseball Rules. On the first day following the conclusion of the World Series , all players not under contract for the following season become free agents.

These transactions leave the current 40-man roster at 35 players (see below) with RHP Stephen Pryor still on the 60-day disabled list.

Baseball rules and transactions can be kind of confusing, so we will try to update you and clarify as best we can on this blog throughout the off-season.

So what happens next in the process? The five players listed above are officially considered free agents, and the Mariners have the next five days to exclusively negotiate with them if they so wish. On the 6th day following the World Series (Tuesday), the players may sign with any of the 30 MLB teams (including re-signing with the Mariners).

2013 MLB Important Dates

You’ll see from the rules via Major League Baseball, there is also the matter of a qualifying offer. The deadline for a club to make a qualifying offer to any of its free agents is 2 p.m. PT on the fifth day following the conclusion of the World Series (which in this case is Monday, Nov. 4). A player has until 2 p.m. PT on the seventh day after receiving the offer to accept (latest date would be Monday, Nov. 11). If he does so, it takes him off the free-agent market and keeps him with his 2013 team.

If you have any questions about these transactions, please leave us a comment and we’ll track down an answer for you.

40-Man Roster (10-31-13)

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If the Mariners sign Jacoby Ellsbury to play CF and bat leadoff, where does that leave Dustin Ackley? I would think they would move him to LF. In the lineup he or Brad Miller would probably move to the 2nd spot after Ellsbury. Personally, I prefer a left-handed bat due to the hole between 1B and 2B Ellsbury would create when he gets on first. Brad Miller seems to have more power so he would be able to generate more RBIs lower in the order than Ackley would. He could be a #3 hitter candidate if he hits like he did in the minors. Ryan Franklin could be a #3 candidate as well if he hits as projected. I would love to see the Mariners resign Kendrys to bat cleanup. Ellsbury would make a nice addition to the Mariners and would help fill out the lineup nicely! It’s an exciting time to be a Mariners fan!

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