Mariners/Macklemore video wins major award

The music video that opens every Mariners game at Safeco Field has just won a major award from IDEA, the professional association for the event presentation industry.

The video is a collaboration with Seattle hip hop artist Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis. A customized Mariners version of the duo’s #1 hit “Can’t Hold Us” is the soundtrack to a video of rapid clips of Mariners players and game action intercut with iconic Seattle scenes. It is played on MarinersVision, Safeco Field’s new HD video screen, as players take the field.

The video received a Golden Matrix Award from IDEA at the recent conference in Montreal.

Golden Matrix

2013 Golden Matrix awards.

The Mariners received a second Golden Matrix for “Best Overall Display” in Major League Baseball, an award that is presented each year to the team with the best in-game presentation including live camera work, public address announcer, video graphics, interactive features and stats.

IDEA is the professional association for the event presentation industry. Founded in 1982, IDEA members represent teams, facilities, manufacturers and suppliers worldwide and include professional baseball, basketball, football, hockey, racing, soccer, arenas, convention centers, stadiums and universities.

Since 1989, the Mariners have won 25 Golden Matrix Awards, the most by any other organization. The next closest is Ohio State University with 24 awards.

“My Oh My Productions” Credits

Kevin Martinez – Vice President, Marketing

Gregg Greene – Senior Director of Marketing

Ben Mertens – Director of Productions

Michael Ferguson – Game Entertainment & Special Events Manager

Olav Nossum – Multimedia Producer

Chase Decker – Video Editor

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