Gold Nuggets – Raul Ibanez vs. Jered Weaver tonight

Throughout the season, Mariners broadcaster Aaron Goldsmith will provide content on From the Corner of Edgar & Dave, giving a behind-the-scenes look at the Mariners players and organization. In this installment Aaron shares some interesting tidbits about tonight’s match-up between the Angels and Mariners, as well as between Raul Ibanez and LA stater Jeff Weaver.

The Mariners and Felix Hernandez face veteran right-hander Jered Weaver Saturday night following an impressive 8-3 win over the Angels in Game 1. Weaver, 30, is having another productive season despite featuring one of the slowest fastballs in all of baseball. With an average velocity of 86.5 mph, only Kyle Kendrick (85.6), Mark Buehrle (84.3), Barry Zito (82.6), and R.A. Dickey (81.4) throw heat with more chill than Weaver.

Despite dazzling velocity, opponents are batting only .220 off Weaver’s BB gun fastball and in his last start, the 6-7 righty blanked a hot-hitting Red Sox lineup over 6 2/3 innings for the win.

“I tried to stick to my game plan,” Weaver said from the clubhouse Friday afternoon. “I was able to locate off-speed in certain counts and keep those guys off balance.”

For Weaver, his recent success on the mound is nothing compared to the joy of the recent addition to his family. On July 5th Weaver and his wife celebrated the birth of their first child, Aden, named after Weaver’s former teammate and close friend Nick Adenhart who was killed by a drunk driver in 2009. 

“About three or four days after he passed away, he was supposed to move in with me. He was one of those guys I wanted to take under my wing and teach him the ropes. When my son gets to the age where we can explain what his name is all about…I think he’ll be more than honored to carry on his legacy.”

Raul Ibanez at the plate.

Raul Ibanez at the plate.

As if he didn’t already know, Weaver got a front row view Friday night of what Raul Ibanez has accomplished in the first half of the season. Raul, who clubbed his 23rd and 24th home runs of the year in Game 1, is a career .467 hitter (14-for-30) against Weaver with four homers. In fact, there’s there’s no pitcher Ibanez has homered off more than Weaver, and no team more than the Angels (23 HR).

Ibanez is now 4th all-time for homers by a 41+ year-old (passing Darrell Evans) and is aiming at the record of 29 set by Ted Williams.

Age 41 Season
1. Ted Williams, BOS, 29 in 1960 (age 41)
2. Barry Bonds, SF, 28 in 2007 (age 42)
3. Barry Bonds, SF, 26 in 2006 (age 41)
4. Raul Ibanez, SEA, 24 in 2013 (age 41)
5. Darrell Evans, DET, 22 in 1988 (age 41)

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