A New Twist To MLB’s Interleague Schedule



Interleague Play

Interleague play has taken on a new format in Major League Baseball scheduling this year, which was necessary because of realignment which resulted in 15 teams in both the American and National Leagues.

As everyone knows, instead of interleague play being confined to a three-week period in June, in 2013 there is one interleague series being played at all times all season long…..with an exception for four days in late May.

The other new twist on interleague scheduling this season takes place May 27-30.  All 30 teams will play their “rivals” in back-to-back two-game series in both cities.  In the Mariners case, the Padres will be at Safeco Field on Monday and Tuesday (May 27-28).  Both teams will fly to San Diego to play Wednesday and Thursday (May 29-30) at Petco Park.

Below are the 15 interleague matchups, some of which are “natural rivals” and some of which are “not-so-natural rivals.”  The first ten matchups are the “naturals”, which involve primarily cross-town or cross-state matchups (Twins-Brewers, of course, represent neighboring states).  The bottom five are, well, “Everybody has to play somebody.”

Which two matchups will require the longest flights between the two cities?  You guessed it.  The Seattle to San Diego flight is approximately 1,079 miles, considerably longer than the 872 miles from Houston to Denver.

2013 Interleague Rivalries
Yankees Mets
Orioles Nationals
Indians Reds
Rays Marlins
Angels Dodgers
A’s Giants
Rangers Diamondbacks
Royals Cardinals
White Sox Cubs
Twins Brewers
Tigers Pirates
Astros Rockies
Blue Jays Braves
Red Sox Phillies
Mariners Padres



Let us not forget, for the pirates tigers matchup, of the Honus Wagner Ty Cobb, and the early 1900s rivalry, which makes sense why my Pirates and the Tigers play each other as interleague rivals. that said, scrap interleague.

This is so wrong! What happened to tradition in baseball?

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