Mariners All-Access


The next episode of Mariners All-Access on ROOT Sports debuts tomorrow (April 21) at 11 am prior to the Mariners series finale vs. the Texas Rangers in Arlington (12:05 pm PT/2:05 pm CT).

The 30-minute show features several interesting stories, including:

  • Dennis Martinez – Felix Hernandez Connection:  Former Mariner Dennis Martinez and Felix Hernandez are the only two Latin born players to ever throw a perfect game.  Brad Adam talks to Dennis about the game, what it means and the connection to Felix.
  • Minor League Stories:  The kids don’t know how good they’ve got it these days.  That’s the premise of this entertaining story from Angie Mentink.  She talks to Mariner coaches and broadcasters about their earliest minor league memories.  From 16 hour bus rides to horse rides and slime in the showers she’s heard it all.  Laugh along and count your blessings during this feature.
  • Jamie Moyer 1-on-1: The 50-year old Moyer pitched in all or parts of four decades, but it’s Seattle that made the biggest mark on his career.  Jen Mueller sits down with Jamie to hear why Seattle is still a special place, learn how he developed his pitching style and discover which monumental moments in baseball history he was a part of.  This is just one of many times we’ll see Jamie on the show throughout the year.
  • Community Service: The Mariners Care Silent Auction on April 28 will be featured, in addition to the local Pitch, Hit and Run competitions.
  • What We’re Watching: Identify the biggest trends and hottest names going into the week that fans should be watching for.

If you can’t tune in Sunday morning, the show will re-air on Monday (4/23) at 4 pm,  Wednesday (4/24) at 6pm, Thursday (4/25) 6:30 am and Friday (4/26) at 6pm.

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