Mariners-FIFA World Cup Qualifier June 11 Schedule Conflict

There’s been a fair amount of chatter on social media today about the announcement that the U.S. Men’s National Team and Panama will play a FIFA World Cup Qualifier match at CenturyLink Field on Tuesday, June 11, at the same time the Mariners are hosting the Houston Astros.

The news release announcing the match stated that attendance will be capped at 42,000 “in consideration of traffic and parking concerns.” (Sounders GM Adrian Hanauer addresses that here.)

The attendance threshold is part of long-standing (since 1996) City of Seattle guidelines in place to help lessen the impact on the SODO neighborhood –and fans—when there are “dual events” at CenturyLink and Safeco Field.

The Mariners have not imposed any restrictions on the soccer game attendance and we were not asked to change the start time of our game to accommodate the soccer match. The City of Seattle would have to grant a waiver for the Mariners to play a day game because we are limited to six midweek day games per season. There are now seven on this year’s schedule, with the seventh granted by the City to accommodate a CONCACAF Gold Cup match on July 11.

The Mariners are excited to have our beautiful city showcased to the world on June 11, and we will be cheering on the U.S. team along with the rest of the nation.


For once, something that isn’t the Mariners’ fault!

Dear Mariners,

On behalf of all USA soccer and Seattle sports fans I am asking you to change the start time of your game to accomodate the soccer match. The USMNT game could sell out Century Link field and give a great boost to the city of Seattle and the USMNT on their way to the 2014 World Cup!

This is good to know, but why not just ask the city to grant you a waiver and make everyone happy? McGinn could use some good press …

So, with that information it is time for the Sounders and Mariners to get together with the city and request a waiver to accommodate a time change and add an 8th day game to the season schedule….

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