Jack & Eric Look Ahead to 2013 2.0

With the Winter Meetings now underway in Nashville, this short video with Jack Zduriencik and Eric Wedge talking about the work that needs to be done over the off-season is apropos. It’s Part 2 of a continuing series of video posts about getting the Mariners ready for the 2013 season.


My recommendation is make it happen! The passive approach of laying in the weeds and hoping a great bat falls in your lap for a good deal has been the approach the past few off seasons. I ask, how is that working for you? I don’t want to watch runners stranded on your fancy new bid screen!

Really like the young talent! We all know they youth can use a veteran stud bat in the middle of the lineup to take pressure off the young guys. In recent years it seems the M’s have taken a passive approach and waited in the weeds to see if a bat lands in their lap for a good deal. I ask, how is that working? Please be proactive and make it happen. Finishing second on trades and free agents doesn’t count! Go Mariners!

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