Fans Will Enjoy A New, Modern Main Scoreboard At Safeco Field In 2013

Safeco Field’s new HD videoboard can be divided into sectors for graphics and video.

Earlier today the Mariners announced that a new, state-of-art main scoreboard is being installed at Safeco Field in time for the 2013 baseball season. It will be located in the same space as the main scoreboard had been, above the centerfield bleachers.

The new high definition board will replace the old scoreboard which included the black and white matrix screen and the video screen in the upper left corner and have been in use since the ballpark opened in 1999. Both units were on their last legs and we were fortunate to be able to get nearly 14 years of life out of them.

The new Safeco Field videoboard can be turned into one giant HD screen equal to 2,182 42-inch flat screen TVs.

Over past few years, fans have been asking when there will be an upgraded scoreboard in Seattle. Now we know the answer: Monday, April 8, 2013, the Home Opener, against the Houston Astros.

As you see in the attached news release and artwork, the new HD screen will be the biggest in Major League Baseball and will feature the latest technology to provide fans with a great experience at the Safeco Field.  Because it is basically one big HD video screen, it is completely flexible and can display the usual scoring information, lineups, etc., can be divided into sectors to provide a combination of information, stats and video at the same time then can become one large video screen.

Demolition of the old Safeco Field scoreboard is underway. The new HD videoboard will be ready for the home opener April 8.

Many improvements and upgrades have been made over the years, but the projects being done this offseason (the new main scoreboard and the outfield fences being moved in) are probably the most visible ever from the seating bowl.

We understand that some fans will say the Mariners should spend that money on players, not on a new scoreboard. Because the Mariners are responsible for  maintaining the ballpark in first-class condition, to fulfill our responsibilities, a budget for these types of expenses is kept separately from the annual operating budget.

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