Movin’ on down! Season Ticketholder Relocation

It’s an annual rite of fall. The Mariners season ticketholder relocation.

For most, it’s a chance to get a little closer to the action. For some, it’s a chance to opt for a different plan.

Linda Del Monte of Seattle, who’s had a 16-game plan with a friend for about 10 years, was looking to get closer to the field. She and her ticket partner started off in Section 116. They made a couple of moves over the years, mostly lateral, and ended up in Section 117, Row 28, seats 15-16. This year, after scoping out all the options, they moved eight rows closer to the field, same section, same seats, this time Row 20.

Robin Wimpsett, also of Seattle, is going into his 21st year as a Mariners season ticketholder. At the Kingdome, he was on the first base side “so I could look into the Mariners dugout.” At Safeco Field, he moved over to the third base side for the same reason, ending up in Section 144, Row 15, Seats 1-2.

Robin Wimpsett of Seattle decided he wanted to keep his current location.

Each year, Wimpsett checks to see whether he can move closer to home plate and closer to the field. But one thing he doesn’t want to give up is his location on the aisle. After surveying the color coded seats, paying close attention to the ones with hot pink signs (16 Game plans), Wimpsett decided that if he moved in, he’d be moving up to a higher row, so he concluded “Looks like I’m staying.”

Steve Posalski, who shares seats with his wife Eileen, has also moved around over the years, looking to get closer. They ended up in Section 114, Row 10, Seats 8-9. He says they’re “easily the best seats we’ve ever had.” They’re close to the field, down the first base line, and even though his “magic glove” has prevented him from ever catching a foul ball, the area still sees plenty of action.

This year, Posalski’s goal was to switch from the 16-Game Plan Option E to Option A. According to Posalski, “We pick the plan with the fewest Boston and Yankees games.” The question was whether their great location would be available when they switched from E to A?

Steve Posalski kept his great seat location, but opted for a different 16-Game Plan.

Standing at his seats, scanning the hot pink sign, Posalski was delighted to see that they were available for the new plan. “I’m a happy guy,” he said.

Once current season ticketholders have had a chance to relocate, new account holders will be able to choose their spots. If you’d like to find out about Mariners 2013 season tickets, call 206-346-4001, or follow this link.

Color-coded signs let fans know which seats are available for various Mariners season ticket plans.

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