Mariners Statement on Seattle City Council Government Performance & Finance Committee Vote on Arena Proposal

The City Council has done a very thoughtful job of reviewing the proposal for an NBA/NHL arena. We are encouraged by Councilmembers’ reassurance that a thorough and impartial environmental impact study, with evaluation of alternate sites, will be conducted before any final decision is made on the location of the arena. This is the level of careful study that we have requested since the beginning of this review.

We share the community’s excitement over building an arena and bringing the NBA and NHL to the Seattle area. At the same time, we continue to believe that there are other locations that present far fewer scheduling, traffic and parking complications for the fans who would be attending events at both of our locations. We look forward to participating in the EIS process, sharing our experience, and helping the city and Mr. Hansen reach the best possible decision. This review will only enhance the arena’s chances for success; that is everyone’s goal.


As a lifelong Seattle Mariners fan, I have been terribly disappointed by the team’s obstructionist approach in trying to stop the best chance the city has to get an NBA franchise back. The consensus conclusion is that the Mariners’ primary motivation is to avoid competition for entertainment dollars. I wish the organization would direct its energies instead towards fielding a competitive team rather than dash the hopes of their own Seattle sports fans.

I will not spend another penny on anything Mariners until Chuck and Howard are no longer affiliated with this organization.

Mariners have lost half their fan base already due to poor team performance. If you keep trying to sabotage the Sonics arena plan, you’ll lose another 25%. The train has left the station and you can either be on it or under it!

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