Notes on Mariners 2013 Tentative Schedule

The Mariners announced the tentative 2013 season schedule today, featuring changes sparked by Major League Baseball’s realignment that will begin next season.

If you’re looking for more news and notes about next season, here are a few fun facts.

  • Seattle will travel 52,509 miles in 2013. The Bad News? That’s the most of any of the 30 MLB teams. The Good News? It’s is less than the team travelled this season. Of course this year, we had a small 2-game road swing to Tokyo, Japan, that added a few (just shy of 6,000) miles to our travel total.
  • In related news, the Mariners will have 12 road trips next season after having 11 this season (but 13 in 2010).
  • With the Astros added to the AL West, the Mariners will make three trips to Houston in 2013. The Mariners have played in Minute Maid Park twice before (both in Interleague Play), taking 2 of 3 in 2002 and getting swept in a 3-game series in 2007.
  • The Astros will also be the Mariners Opening Night opponent in Safeco Field on April 8, 2013. They will be the 11th different franchise to face the Mariners on Opening Night in Seattle. Seattle has faced the Angels (eight times) and Athletics (seven times) the most. The only four AL teams the Mariners have NOT played on Opening Night in Seattle? Baltimore, Kansas City, Tampa Bay and Toronto.
  • The Major League Baseball schedule is more consistent for all teams, including Seattle. The Mariners will play six series (totaling 19 games) vs. AL West opponents (3 home series, 3 road series). We’ll play two series against AL Central and AL East opponents (1 home, 1 road) and a total of eight series (4 home/4 road) vs. Interleague Opponents. That’s 76 games vs. the West, 66 games vs. the Central/East and 20 total Interleague games (up from 18 this season). Every team’s schedule will break down the same way.
    • Again, with 15 teams in each league (three, 5-team divisions) there will be an Interleague Game played every day of the season by at least two teams.
  • The Milwaukee Brewers will be in Seattle August 9-11. The Brewers have not been to Seattle since playing the Mariners in the Kingdome Aug. 11-12, 1997, when they were still an American League club. The Brewers are the only remaining franchise in MLB to have never visited Safeco Field.

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