Saving the Planet, One Peanut Bag at a Time

The Seattle Mariners environmental partner, BASF, has made a breakthrough in sustainable packaging with a compostable peanut bag. The first 10,000 fans through the gates at Wednesday’s Mariners vs. Boston Red Sox game received the classic ballpark treat in a 100% compostable bag.

Mariners Vice President of Ballpark Operations Scott Jenkins says this development could make it possible for the Mariners to achieve our goal of 90% recycling and composting at Safeco Field. Right now, we recycle or compost over 80% of all waste generated at the ballpark.

“All of our service ware is already compostable. Getting the non-compostable packaging out of the supply stream would remove one of the biggest barriers preventing us from reaching our goal,” says Jenkins.

Right now, candy wrappers and snack bags have to be hand sorted out of our waste stream. Removing that contamination could result in a significant cost savings.

Earlier attempts at compostable packaging for snacks fell short of consumer expectations. BASF has developed new biopolymer technology that “delivers needed shelf-life at a competitive price point with a sustainable end-of-life solution.”

– RH

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