Tailgate at The ‘Pen

If you’re going to the Seattle Seahawks game tonight, check out the Tailgate at The ‘Pen at Safeco Field. Gates (on the Royal Brougham side of the ballpark) open three hours before kickoff.

It’s a great setting that’s one of the most popular areas at Safeco Field. You’ll find all the delicious food available for Mariners games—New Haven-style pizza, authentic crepes and anti-fast food burgers (from Seattle check Ethan Stowell), Mexican tortugas—and drink specials. Plus there are plenty of monitors to keep track of all the pregame action.

And if you’re parking south of Century Link Field, it’s on the way.

Tailgate at The ‘Pen will also be open after Saturday’s Mariners game (1:05pm start against Los Angeles Angels) for the Washington Huskies matchup against San Diego State.

The ‘Pen at Safeco Field is the perfect stop before a football game.


Is it only open for people over 21?

It is open to fans of all ages.

Is the Pen @ Safeco open the entire duration of the Hawks game?

No, only prior to the game. Thanks for following!

do you folks serve mixed drinks in the pen?

During Mariners games, yes, there is a bar for mixed drinks in the ‘pen and Edgars Cantina. All drinks are allowed on the lower level of the ‘pen, but you can’t take outside of that area. Not entirely sure if this is available during the ‘pen for Seahawks games.

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