Montero y Montero

After Felix Hernandez threw a perfect game on August 15, a bug began to sweep the nation. Celebrities, athletes, even cats—no one was granted immunity. Seattle Sounders forward Fredy Montero was among the casualties — he was caught Felixing.

Montero had seen a fan’s tweet suggesting that all Sounders’ goals should be celebrated by Felixing. He retweeted the idea and then followed through in true form—waving his arms triumphantly in the air, right index finger and leg raised—after scoring the first goal to lead his team to a 2-0 victory against Vancouver on Aug. 18.

As another Latin-American-turned-Seattleite sports star, Montero became the obvious choice to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Supreme Court at Safeco Field. It seemed fitting that another Montero would be behind the plate to catch his first pitch. Mariner catcher and designated hitter Jesus Montero did the honors.

There is no relation between Montero y Montero, although fate would have it that the two, who were born in the neighboring countries of Venezuela and Columbia, would end up playing in neighboring stadiums in Seattle, far from their Latin American hometowns.

Aside from sharing a last name, los Monteros both contribute tremendously to the offense of their respective Seattle teams. Jesus is one of the Mariners leading hitters batting .259 with 13 home runs and 49 RBI, while Fredy has shared or led the Sounders in goals in his past three seasons, and has the potential to do the same this season. Here is a “tale-of-the-tape) for Seattle’s Montero’s:

Name/Number Jesus Montero #63 Fredy Montero #17
Full Name Jesús Alejandro Montero Lopez Fredy Henkyer Montero Muñoz
League Major League Baseball Major League Soccer
Team Seattle Mariners Seattle Sounders
Position Catcher/Designated Hitter Forward
Major League Debut Sept. 1, 2011 for New York Yankees March 19, 2009 for Seattle Sounders
Birthday November 28, 1989 July 26, 1987
Age 22 25
Place of Birth Guacara, Venezuela Campo de la Cruz, Colombia
Height/Weight 6’3”/235 5’9”/160

– Krista Staudinger

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