In the Interest of Accuracy

The Twitter-verse was busy this morning with several messages proclaiming, quote: “the Seattle Mariners are the ones who hired Pacific Public Affairs to wage this PR war against the proposed basketball arena.”

In the interest of accuracy, PPA has consulted with the Mariners on various public policy issues since the late 1990’s.  The working relationship is longstanding.

In early April, in a letter to the City and County Councilmembers, the Mariners publicly stated our support for the efforts to bring NBA and NHL teams to Seattle, and at the same time, expressed our concerns about the location of a new arena in SODO.  Yes, PPA consulted with us on that letter and continues to advise us on a few other subjects.  And yes, we are aware that PPA is also working on behalf of a large coalition of groups that has raised concerns about the location of the arena.

Let me repeat: the Mariners welcome the return of the NBA to Seattle and the possibility of a new NHL franchise.  We believe both would be great additions to the community.

– RA


Put a competitive product on the field and you won’t have to worry about competition.

how ironic–the team thrills us with the King’s perfect game while management pisses us off with their petty opposition to the Sonics Arena! both in the same day. the team needs to be sold to someone with a burning desire to bring a World Series title to Seattle who’s first action would be to fire the current and historically inept management.

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