Mr. Mariner Alvin Davis Talks Baseball

Tonight, “Mr. Mariner” Alvin Davis will throw out the ceremonial first pitch as part of the on-going celebration of the 35th Anniversary of Mariners baseball. The original member of the Mariners Hall of Fame is also in town for the festivities inducting Randy Johnson and Dan Wilson into the Mariners Hall of Fame. In addition, Alvin is joining the Mariners Player Development staff as a roving minor league instructor.

Those that have met Alvin can attest to how great of a person he is. Humble, reserved, gracious, strong, passionate…are all words that can describe the former Major League first baseman. Alvin caught up with the local media prior to tonight’s game, and we think you’ll enjoy hearing from Mr. Mariner as he talks about what he’ll be doing for the club, how he views young players and what he has been up to over the last few years. We hope you enjoy!

Mr. Mariner Alvin Davis

– JE

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