Dan & Randy Hall of Fame Ceremony

Saturday’s Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame Induction ceremony will start at 12:30pm. Fans attending the game will want to be in their seats by then.

For those at home, there are two options. 710 ESPN, the Mariners flagship radio station, and the Mariners Radio Network, will carry the ceremony and game live. Because Saturday’s game is a day game, it will not be available on ROOT SPORTS (due to the FOX/MLB exclusive TV window).

However, the pregame ceremony will be streamed live on www.mariners.com. There will also be a crew at Safeco Field from MLB.com to cover the ceremony and the game. Both will be available as a replay to mlb.tv subscribers beginning 90 minutes after the final out.

In case you’re wondering why Saturday’s game is a day game (and the Mariners are not appearing on FOX) it’s because the Seafair Thorchlight Parade and Run are taking place later that night in downtown Seattle so we scheduled a day game to help avoid traffic problems.

Plenty of good seats are available if you’d like to be at Safeco Field for this historic occasion. Plus, there will be a pretty cool giveaway of a Dan & Randy Hall of Fame bobblehead (first 20,000 fans).


Do you miss doing the Eagle Hardware commercials?

Vernon want……

hi randy it nice to see you again my favorte is when you where picthing for seattle marniner my has a shrit number 51

Question for Randy: Being arguably the best pitcher in the majors, how hard was it to get used to a new catcher? Also, you’ve probably had bad days where nothing goes right and you just can’t quite hit that outside corner, what did you do to compensate and still make it a quality start?

Randy looks a little too happy to be a bobble-head. The real Randy Johnson could NEVER have a goofy smile like that. He looks 22………

I love baseball and have played it my entire life. Being a big Mariner fan, I went to a lot of games in the 90’s; with you, Dan, others, and Lou. Lou used to scare me barrelling out of the dug out, I used to worry about his health. Anyway, my question is you memory of dialogue between the 2 of you when he’d visit you on the mound. I’ve always wondered about the exchanges that went on at the mound. So if you’d share a few of them, please. Gunny

Randy, Congratulations on 300 wins! Ive had the priviledge to watch you and Steve Carlton in my life time! two of the greatest left handers of all time! Next stop for you is the Hall of Fame! Congratulations!

Randy – Throughout your great career you were appreciated by the Arizona fans for your contributions in making that club successful and winning a World Series, but amongst fans nationally you are best known for your time in Seattle with the Mariners. Do you plan on requesting to go into the MLB Hall of Fame as a Mariner when the time comes?

Hi guys Congratulations We have been M’s fans for along time and would like to thank you for your time out their on the field for us,we enjoyed every moment. As a long time Baseball fan I have a question that I never understood.And who better to ask then a pitcher and a catcher , ” With a man on base–2 outs 3-2 count the runner is always going to run, Why not throw to the base to pick him off” I never under stood why nobody would do that?
Thank You

Randy back when you first started pitching how much has it changed from then to now???

Hi, do you still talk with ryan anderson your seattle protege before he was injured? we were good friends and i live with him in Seattle and was wondering if u kept in touch as i have lost his contact info

Randy, I won’t be around to hear your answer however I must ask you something. before your days of blowing up pigeons, back when mullets were “darn awesome” you played for The Seattle Mariners (can I get a hell yeah?!). You were A client of my dads at some jewelry store in Bellevue, D’Original I think… Can’t really recall the name to be honest. But anyways my dad designed the crucifix you wear or at least used to wear. I was wondering if you remember my bald, kind, sarcastic father Steve; and if you still wear the crucifix too? Thank you Mr.Johnson, May the force be with you. Oh….. and, Go Cougs!

Did Dan Wilson ever play for a summer team in Nevada, Missouri?

what is the funniest thing a batter ever said to you while you were behind the plate?

Thanks for your dedication to your team, your fans and the game. My team during your time got md through tough times.

What’s the Thorchlight parade? Is that like a porch light on a thatched hut?

the ONE game i was hopig to make, and i cant.. If you had your choice (as past HOFer’s used to have), what hat would you choose to wear in Cooperstown? total honesty. i wouldnt blame ya if az, but as everyone else, would be PROUD if you chose the Mariners..thank you for your service, and congrats on your and Dan’s induction to the Mariner HOF

Meant for Randy,

of all the pitchers you caught, who were your faves, and how hard was it to catch Randy? what if anything did you have to do to prep for him and catch “mr snappy”?

Thank you Randy and Dan for all of the wonderful years that we had you. What I particularly appreciate about both of you, even above your immense talent, is that you were the type of men that I could show my children and now grandchildren as examples of what a really good man is.

Randy, my eldest grandson was born when you were pitching for the DBacks in the World Series in 2001. He needed a bit of extra oxygen so was in the nursery. I received a call to go to sit with him —during the 9th inning when you were pitching.. I went to the nursery. But my grandson knows that, there was no greater love than my giving up watching my favorite pitcher in the World Series just to sit with him!!!

It was my hope to be able to be in Seattle this weekend to honor both of you, but family issues prevented it, but know that I will be there in thought and gratitude to both of you for the joy you have brought into my life and the millions of other Mariner’s fans.

Charlene Woodring

Most underrated player in the last 40 years of MLB…….Congrats Dan

Hey Dan and Randy, first off congrats, both of you tell me what your most memorable moment in your Hall of Fame career’s were? The pennant clincher in 1995 with both the both of you dominating?

Congratulations Dan & Randy I am a true Mariner fan. You both deserve to be in the Mariners Hall of fame. To both of you what was your greatest moment when you played for the Mariners?

First off, congrats and it is going to be great seeing the both of you together again. I must say Randy is the best pitcher in Mariner history including King Felix. My question is for Randy…….When you go to Cooperstown, What hat will you be dawning? I really hope it’s a Mariner hat..Have a great time today.

Lots of great memories! But what’s the one play you’d like to have a do-over on?

Randy (Mr. Unit, retired), I remember seeing the look on your face as you walked off the field (in Victory) your last game your face looked ‘pained’. Were you unhappy about your choice to be traded?

Dan Wilson: He embodied character and grit. He is missed.

Loved Randy Johnson !! Followed him his whole career. I was wondering Randy, when you go into the Hall of Fame,..will you go in as mariner ? Still wish you were pitching and intimidating all those batters,…and blowing up birds !! NOBODY threw as hard or as good as you did, When you took the mound,…you already had ’em ‘ !!

Congrats dan and randy, Growing up watching you pitch was very special. I will never forget those days.

Randy, you are my favorite baseball player of all time. What’s it like to be so awesome!?

Hey Dan – you brought real class to the game. What is the problem with today’s Mariners – players, manager, or front office?

Congrats to both and all of the excitement you both provided!
Randy…1995 Photo Day, you graciously held my 9 month old daughter while I snapped what proved to be a killer picture…any chance at some point to get an autograph? She’s almost 18 now!

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Congratulations, Randy and Dan! To each of you I want to ask: What was your most memorable moment as a Mariner? As a loyal Mariner fan since 1977, the most exciting moment for me was Junior scoring the winning run on Edgar’s double against the Yankees in 1995. Randy, you were the winning pitcher in that game.

Mr.Big Unit,how can I get an autographed picture of you for my wife as she loves you and knows that your the best picture to play the game.That was the only reason she watched the Mariners and Diamondbacks!!Pls help me in my quest to make her happy..

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