Feeling the KC Heat

With temperatures hovering above 100° here in Kansas City, and a day game approaching, there has been a lot of talk about playing baseball in this hot weather. Including tonight’s game, the Mariners will have played 47 games in club history where the game-time temperature was above 95°. With tonight’s temperature at 103°, there have now been 17 games in club history played above the temperature century mark. In case you were wondering, the hottest game on record for the Mariners was 105° Aug. 9, 2011 at Texas.

A day game in the Kansas City heat tomorrow will likely have a game-time temperature above 100°.

The Mariners have played a handful of their hottest games here in Kansas City, with 12 games over 95°. This series has brought up a lot of stories of when Kauffman Stadium used to have artificial turf up until the 1995 season. The turf would turn hot summer days into almost unbearable 9-inning games. Here is what a few of the Mariners coaches and broadcasters had to say about playing in the heat in Kansas City.

Mariners Bullpen Coach Jaime Navarro:
I played here several times with the Brewers when they were in the American League, and boy was it hot. Can’t even describe how hot it was. You could see the steam coming from the field, and your feet would be really hot from the metal spikes. There was one game here where it was only like 85 degrees, but it felt like 105 degrees. I had to change my undershirt every inning. I am glad they got that turf out of here.

Mariners Hitting Coach Chris Chambliss:
Man, I played in some hot ones here when I was with the Indians. It was a lot like playing in the South when I was with the Braves, but that turf, oh that turf, it made it feel like your feet were melting. They used to set up troth of ice water right off to the side of the dugout for us to soak our feet in between innings. I know one thing, you had better be in shape when you played in Kansas City during the summer, or else you had some rough days.

Mariners Broadcaster Mike Blowers:
I played several games on the turf here, but the game I remember more than anything was when they just got grass here. I came in for a game here and saw my name on the lineup card and started preparing to play third base. Then I saw that I was playing left field, which wasn’t normal for me, and it was hot. Maybe not in the 90’s, but it was hot, and by the end of that game I would be soaking wet and running in from left field felt like a marathon. I think I went through a couple of undershirts that game.

Here are all the games played in club history at 100-degrees or higher:

Date Tm Opp Rslt Temp
1980-07-05 SEA KCR L 4-5 100
1980-07-06 SEA KCR W 5-3 101
1990-08-21 SEA TEX W 4-3 101
1991-07-21 SEA BAL W 6-4 101
1996-07-04 SEA TEX W 9-5 100
1999-07-28 SEA KCR L 3-5 100
2006-08-01 SEA BAL L 0-2 100
2006-08-02 SEA BAL W 2-1 102
2006-08-10 SEA TEX L 2-8 102
2006-08-11 SEA TEX L 7-14 100
2007-08-08 SEA BAL W 8-4 101
2008-07-28 SEA TEX W 7-5 101
2011-07-22 SEA BOS L 4-7 100
2011-08-08 SEA TEX L 2-9 104
2011-08-09 SEA TEX L 6-7 105
2011-08-10 SEA TEX W 4-3 102



thanks heavens, the royals don’t have to play in the heat

thank heavens, the royals don’t have to play in the heat

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