Mariners All-Access – July 15

The newest edition of Mariners All-Access debuts today prior to the Mariners series finale vs. the Rangers. Here is what to look for in the 30-minute show:

  • Broken Bats — Picking up the Pieces:  Mariners Clubhouse Manager Ted Walsh talks about the process he uses for making sure the players get the bats they need starting in spring training.  Learn why Walsh places more orders for Justin Smoak than other player, and the unique travel trouble that Justin has when it comes time to pack those bats.  Plus, the safety measure now in place in all of MLB to try and limit the catastrophic breaks in games.
  • Ichiro and Mike Cameron:  The former teammates share a special bond.  Mariners All-Access talks to both about what it was like to play alongside each other in the outfield.  You’ll also get a better understanding for the side of Ichiro that fans don’t often see – a goofiness.
  • Radar guns and allure of hitting 100mph:  What young pitcher hasn’t snuck a peak at a radar gun just to see how hard he can throw?  Now that everyone can see it in the stadium there’s an added allure of being able to throw harder and harder.  You will hear from pitchers who posses that potential, hitters who face it and coaches on how they want players to view the radar gun.
  • Former Mariner All-Star Harold Reynolds weighs in on where a few current Mariners rank among talent in the league.  You will hear his thoughts on Brendan Ryan’s Defense, Felix Hernandez’s arm and Ichiro’s contribution to the game.
  • Mariners Care: Two ways fans can connect with the Mariners in the community and help raise money for Mariners Care will be featured.

Mariners All-Access talks to Equipment Manager Ted Walsh about broken bats.

This edition of Mariners All-Access debuts today (Sunday July 15) at noon. It will re-air Monday (7/16 at 4 pm), Wednesday (7/18 at 4 pm) and Saturday (7/21 at 3 pm).

– JE

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