Seattle Rainiers PCL Championship Trophies on display at Safeco Field

The beautiful trophies from 1940 and 1941 are approximately 28 inches high, while the 1942 trophy is 41 inches high. The names of the players, manager, coaches and executives are etched in each piece.

A few weeks ago, a gentleman named Jim Gasperetti dropped off three valuable pieces of Seattle baseball history at Safeco Field.

If the name Gasperetti rings a bell, it’s because of the family restaurant, Gasperetti’s Roma Café (most recently located at 220 Fourth Avenue), that was a popular spot in Seattle for approximately 40 years.  The restaurant was owned and operated by Jim’s dad Bill and Uncle John, who were both legendary figures in the city.  The restaurant was popular not only with his customers, but also with the players and executives of the Seattle Rainiers, Angels, Rainiers and the early years of the Mariners.

The executives of the Rainiers gave the Gasperettis the team’s Pacific League Championship trophies from 1940-41-42 for display in the restaurant, which closed its doors in 1981.  The three trophies have been in the care of Jim and his brothers Bob and Bill Jr. for many years. 

Those three seasons represent the golden years of the Seattle Rainiers, who provided many great memories for the thousands who followed the team at Sick’s Seattle Stadium in the Rainier Valley.  Jim, Bob and Bill Jr. decided earlier this year that the trophies really didn’t belong to them, but rather to the Seattle baseball community.  They were aware of the Baseball Museum of the Pacific Northwest, located on the main concourse of Safeco Field, and contacted the Mariners.

These 70-year old classic trophies are being displayed on the Suite Level for the rest of the 2012 season, then will be displayed appropriately in the Museum in 2013 for sports fans of the Pacific Northwest to share.

A special Mariners thank you to the Gasperetti family for their generosity and thoughtfulnesss.

– RA

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